How to Deal with Kids Who Cannot Stop Playing Video Games

It is understandable for you to feel frustrated if your child gets addicted to video games. Even if you keep scolding them for dropping the phone, you cannot make your child stop. Before you end up with a tug-of-war because you want to take the phone away, these are some tips to help your child gradually reduce screen time.

Determine the games played

Although you do not want your child to be always on the phone, you might have to give some leeway when your child is playing educational games. When playing, your child can expand their knowledge on various subjects. However, even then, you need to restrict the time since overexposure to phones could also adversely affect their mental development. If your child focuses only on games promoting violence or war, you need to find a way to stop it. Look for parental control apps to block your child from opening those games.

Create rules

A blanket on the use of phones is a big mistake. You cannot ban your child from playing since it will end in resentment. Your child will stop talking to you or hate you for such a sudden decision. You cannot make your child understand it even if you try to explain. Instead of heading in that direction, you can opt for the creation of rules. Tell your child that going beyond the allowed time will have punishments. You can also reward positive behaviour if deemed appropriate. You need to agree on these rules before implementing them.

Encourage playing with actual toys

Your child is at a stage where playing is everything. When you were younger, your life was also about toys. You can allow your child to experience that lifestyle by introducing actual toys instead of depending only on video games. There is a huge range of children’s toys online to choose from if you have no time to shop in local stores. As long as these toys are educational and you know that your child will have fun playing with them, they are worth trying.

Be there for your child

Perhaps, your child spends more time playing video games because you are not around all the time. Since your child has no one to play with, they decide to use the phone and play the games. You cannot let it continue since your child also needs your guidance. Video games and other toys could be educational, but they should not replace the love and care that a parent offers.

You need to check what causes your child’s addiction to video games before you panic or get angry. You also need to evaluate your role as a parent. You might need to change your ways too. Stop bringing work home and avoid going on business trips all the time. Your child will not remain a child forever, and you do not want to wake up one day and realise that you failed as a parent.