How to Manage a Puppy and a Toddler

Managing any living thing is hard enough as it is, it takes a certain level of dedication and discipline to cater for another being. This is the case and arguably even more so when dealing with toddlers and puppies. Pups and toddlers share a lot in common, and having both of them in your home at the same time can be very challenging. So if you find yourself in this situation, this article will prove helpful in managing your little additions to your family.

Here are a few helpful tips for managing both your toddler and puppy.

  1. Staying Active

Even as an adult, it is important to one’s health to have an active life. The same applies to your toddlers and canines. Activity keeps your little ones occupied and entertained as well as healthy, you can expect them to have a good night’s rest after an active day. Toddlers and pups have a lot of energy and are naturally predisposed to being active without much effort from their owners, however, being intentional about keeping your little ones active especially around the same time each day, will go a long way in ensuring they complete their workout for the day. Investing in an in-house play area for your toddler can help with this. Apart from taking your dog for daily walks, you may also shop dog doors and have one installed, so your dog has access to your fenced outdoor area, giving it a lot of room to run around.

  1. Set Clear Boundaries

It is imperative to establish clear and healthy boundaries in both your pet and toddler as early as possible. This is quite peculiar to each home as needs may differ with each family, however, basic boundaries such as training your pup to keep away from certain parts of the house, as well as training your toddler to not ride your dog should apply to every home.

  1. Encourage Good Behavior with Treats or Rewards

In most cases, correcting bad behavior may be the prevalent form of discipline for your toddler and pups. However, an approach that is known to potentially yield more results is to reward them when they show the kind of behavior you want to see more of. Rewards may come in the form of treats, pats, and affirmative words, or a combination of these. The more this is encouraged, the more their good behavior becomes a norm.

  1. Diversion and Guidance

Pups and toddlers are predisposed to creating chaos from time to time, they are curious creatures who want to tear everything apart and figure things out in the most disorderly fashion, and this can be very challenging for their owners. For example, you could come back from a long day at work only to find your pup has chewed on your expensive shoes. In cases like this guiding and diverting the child or pup’s attention to say, a chewy toy, will help form a pattern to only chew on their toys and keep off your valuables.

To conclude, there is no denying the joy and wholesomeness that toddlers and puppies bring into each family. It is important to understand and hold the mindset that it is solely your responsibility as an owner to take both your pup and toddler under your wing and be completely responsible for their wellbeing for the rest of their lives. This will help you stay in check for the long haul amidst all of the challenges you may face.