Had A Bicycle Accident? What you should do

Getting into accidents with your bicycle can be scary. When riding your bicycle, you must keep calm after a crash. Your action immediately after an amount can impact how much you recover from your injuries and damages to your bicycle. 

It can also affect the outcome of your lawsuits resulting from the accidents. Here’s a list of what you should do when involved in a bicycle accident.

  • Look After Your Safety 

After your involvement in a bicycle accident, the first thing you should do is get out of further harm’s way. If you can get off the road, do so. You might feel lightheaded, don’t worry, it’s normal. Sitting or lying down can help solve this.  

Sometimes, you might be more badly hurt than you think. Therefore, stay sitting, breathe and assess your situation. If you are seriously injured, you should call an ambulance to get the necessary medical attention.

  • Look After The Safety of Others

Usually, cyclists seldom cause casualties, but it is possible. In an accident or crash, ensure that no one else is injured. If you are more or less okay, your next step would be to make sure the accident scene is safe. 

This is assuming it is safe to do so. Sometimes moving injured people can complicate issues. If so, contact the ambulance and wait. Then, move your bike off the road, and leave it on the pavement.

  • Get The Other Party’s Details

If a driver was involved in the accident, you should note his vehicle registration, name, or address. Then, you can use your phone unless you happen to have a pen and paper. The model, make, and color are also important details. Additionally, get the driver’s insurance details.

  • Take Photos

It is essential to take photos of the scene of the accident. They help in locating the scene of the accident. Use your phone’s camera to take several pictures from different angles. The metadata will list, among others, the time it was taken. 

If you are taking photos of a pothole, you should show where it is on the road and put another item by the side to understand the size and depth. You can also take a photo of the driver’s number plate if they don’t exchange their details.

  • Get Witnesses Account 

You should also get the names and numbers of witnesses who saw the incident and are willing to account for what they saw. This can be vital if you take your case to court.

  • Report the Incident 

If a vehicle was involved in a bicycle accident, you should report the incident to the police immediately, either at a police station or by calling. Ask for the police incident number and the name of the person you speak to. 

If a pothole or other problem caused the accident, you would have to contact your local council directly. They will deal with issues and other obstructions on the road. Ensure that you get your statement recorded in the report at the scene.

  • Seek an Attorney 

Irrespective of wherever there might be a criminal case, a lawyer will provide you with legal advice following a bicycle accident. Therefore, you should seek a bicycle accident lawyer near me to help pursue a civil claim for damages to your property on your behalf or you. 

  • Deal Only With your Insurer 

Usually, cyclists do not have vehicle insurance like motorists. However, you can get third-party liability and accident cover through some household or cycle insurance policies. You should pass any correspondence from a third party to your insurer. 

You should not directly deal with the other party’s insurer, especially if they name an immediate offer. 

  • Keep Damaged Goods And Receipts

If your bicycle or its accessories are destroyed due to an accident, you should not replace or fix it immediately. Instead, take your bicycle to your local bicycle shop to get a quote for its repair in writing. 

If the bicycle is a write-off, you should get a like-for-like replacement. If you incur costs because of the accident, such as public costs, since you cannot cycle, keep your receipts.

That’s A Wrap 

Above are simple steps that you can follow to protect yourself after being involved in a bicycle crash. It would be best if you kept in mind that there is no need to discuss what happened except with the police officer, who would include this in his report. 

The accident scene is not the place to confront or get into an argument. Instead, keep a clear head and follow the above steps to ensure that the information is preserved and recorded correctly.

Author Bio

Benjamin Imiewanlan is a professional law writer. His expertise in the field of law allows him to help clients visiting his blog to gather relevant information for their cases.