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5 Essential Elements for Optimum Room Design

Beginning to decorate a room can feel overwhelming. For some, it can feel difficult knowing where to start and what is important in a room. Follow these five essential elements for optimum room design to create a stunning space.

1. Not All Rooms Are Created Equal

When beginning to decorate a room it is essential to be aware of the capabilities or limitations of your space. To avoid clutter or sparsity in a room, be sure to cater to your room’s strengths. Catering to the size and shape of your space is essential for quality design. If your space is rather large, don’t be afraid to choose a few larger statement pieces. If your space is smaller, choose furniture or accents that compliment the room and make it appear larger. By following this rule, you can completely transform your space for the better.

2. Beautiful with Functionality

Many pieces chosen for your room can be both beautiful and functional. For example, a large farmhouse style dining room table is not only beautiful but can accommodate several dinner guests. A beautiful media stand with sliding doors not only makes the television space look more sophisticated but it can house your room’s electronics. Another example would be rare antique clocks to hang or position somewhere in the room. Not only do these clocks add elegance to a room but they also provide the time. Whatever decor pieces you choose, try to search for beauty and functionality to suit your room.

3. The Right Framework

While it may be tempting to start decorating your room with artwork or decor right away, take a moment to look at your room as a blank canvas. An effectively decorated room creates focal points and keeps the eye traveling throughout the room. Outdated flooring or harsh wall color can disrupt focal points, clash with otherwise beautiful decor. So before decorating, consider flooring options and the best wall color for your space. Many flooring options today are touted to be an easy installation. The most difficult part of room painting is simply committing to a color.

4. The Importance of Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of room design. The correct lighting can set the entire tone for a room. Large windows, adorned with the right curtains, can create an abundance of natural light in a room. Carefully placed lamps can create a cozy feeling instead of overbearing ceiling light fixtures. Or if your room requires significant direct light, such as a kitchen, beautiful light fixtures can not only create a focal point but also provide the light needed to use the room effectively.

5. Attention to Detail

Last but not least, paying attention to details can make the biggest difference in your room. A keen eye for detail is the difference in a room that appears professionally decorated and a room decorated on a whim. Don’t be afraid to add pieces to a room that are special to you. The combined effects of small items throughout your room can have just as big of an impact as your largest piece of furniture. Even better, detailed decor can allow you to add pops of color, continue the theme of a room, or simply represent your style.

No matter where you are in the decorating process, these tips are essential to transforming a space. Whether the detail is small, the decor is functional, or you simply need the right lighting decorating a space effectively can be done by almost anyone.