Being Routinely Healthy Makes Life a Little Less Crazy

The importance of having daily routines is not just to improve your overall time management skills and retain some semblance of control over your day, but even more importantly, it can improve your mental health. Not only will having a routine help you to manage your levels of stress, but you’ll also establish healthy proclivities and find that you take dealing with adversity in stride. 

When you have a routine in place, you afford your mind the luxury of naturally knowing what to do instead of cluttering it with the constant influx of information that you need to keep mental tabs on. For example, if you brush your teeth every night before you go to bed, you know that is a part of your routine, so when you are getting ready for bed you don’t have to actively try to remember what you have to do, you do it without thinking thus lowering your mental strain for that one task. The more things that are second nature, i.e. out of habit or routine, the fewer things you have to try to remember to accomplish. 

By establishing and sticking to a routine, you are lowering the amount of stress that you would otherwise be subjected to. Stress is commonplace in today’s world due to the constant demands and strain on your time, notwithstanding the weight of either real or perceived expectations. 

Ongoing, unrelenting stress takes a toll on both the mind and body. If your stress becomes overbearing, there are natural alternatives available, such as CBD hemp oil, which can be made into products like CBD cream that promote a healthy response to stress and improve quality of life.

When deciding to take control of your time and your day, you are taking the first step to promote self-care. That care involves routines that have specific focuses. You need to take the time for work, relaxation, fun, and socializing. Although no plan is foolproof, by establishing a routine you will have gaps that allow for unexpected disruptions. Routines shouldn’t consist of chores and tasks exclusively. You need to allow time for yourself; time to rejuvenate, relax and refocus.

Set aside 15 minutes every morning when you wake to indulge in something for yourself; watch the news with your cup of coffee. Follow that indulgence with something that is good for your physical health. To be truly healthy, you have to foster both a physical and mental balance. Just as too much stress can make you physically unwell, ensuring your mental health will help to preserve your physical health as well. 

Never underestimate the benefits of sound, restful sleep. Work on establishing a sleep routine. Try to not only have the same practices leading up to your slumber but also make the times that you rise and sleep consistently. Dedicate 20 minutes to losing yourself in a good book. Take the time to reflect on your day, goals, and feelings by journaling. You will not only fall asleep easier, but you will wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on a new day with fresh eyes and a renewed sense of focus and determination.

Your routine needs to be as unique as you are; each individual has different needs and wants and you must focus on what works for you. Just because your dearest friend wakes up and does her yoga routine before her coffee and shower doesn’t mean that is what you need to do to start your day and feel refreshed. Instead, you may need to sip your coffee while watching the birds in the trees and listening to the peacefulness of the morning. Never be afraid to listen to your gut about what makes YOU happy.