Fitting Fitness Into Your Schedule as a Busy Parent

Parenting and busy schedules go hand in hand. You’re inundated with tasks and responsibilities to ensure the well-being and happiness of your kids. From the moment you wake up until the time you go to sleep at night you’re usually doing something that requires your undivided attention. So, even though you’re aware of the need to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, finding the time to do it seems impossible. 

Fear not. There are ways to incorporate fitness into your schedule. Though it will require some sacrifices, juggling, and creativity, you can prioritize your health using suggestions such as those provided below: 

Wake Up Early

You probably already get an early start to the day, but waking up an extra 30 minutes to an hour early can give you all the time you need to prioritize exercise. Get up before you wake the kids and do something active. You can take the dog out for a morning walk, go for a jog, do some stretches, practice yoga, or follow along to a quick exercise video. 

Walk When You Can

Cars are convenient for getting you and your family where you want to be – and fast. However, ditching the car and taking a walk when you can does the mind and body good. When the weather allows and the distance isn’t far, choose to walk. You can walk the kids to school or walk to work. If that is not feasible, try parking further away from your office and walking to the front door or using the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Throughout the day at work, take a break to walk around the office to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing. 

Take a Gym Class

You may not have the time to dedicate to hitting the gym every day, but that doesn’t mean you have to exclude it altogether from your fitness routine. Instead, enroll in a gym class. They have gyms with spin classes you can take at a time most convenient for you. The classes tend to last about 30-45 minutes so it doesn’t take too much away from your day. 

Turn Cleaning Into a Workout

Working out doesn’t mean you have to be at a gym or complete specific moves like sit-ups, push-ups, or crunches. Simply getting your heart rate up and participating in physical activities that get your muscle groups working is enough. So, when cleaning up the house, turn it into your workout session. Sweep and mop with more intensity, do squats when lifting items or trying to vacuum under tables and chairs, take lunges from one room to the next instead of walking, and even practice ab exercises as you wipe off countertops. You can turn on your favorite upbeat music to get you inspired to move while you clean. 

Work Out at Your Desk

Sitting all day in the office is terrible for your health. You can switch things up and incorporate fitness into your workday with ease. Other than walking whenever you can, you can do a few quick exercise moves at your desk. You can stand up and do squats while making phone calls, you can bring some resistance bands to work with you and stretch periodically, or you can use boxes as weights and lift them as you’re putting away files or adding them to storage. If you get a decent lunch break, you could always take the time to get outside and walk or jog. 

Make it Part of Family Time

Most parents know that spending time with their children is essential for their growth and development. It also helps families to bond and remain close. As family time is likely part of your schedule, you can incorporate activities that get you and your kids working out (without even knowing it). Take them to the park and instead of looking on from afar, get involved. You can chase them around the jungle gym, run around, or play a sport like basketball, baseball, or kickball. You can also incorporate fitness at home. Play interactive video games that require you to get your entire body involved, have a family dance party, play in the backyard, or try working out as a family following along to a fun video. 

It goes without saying that as a parent, your schedule will remain packed from here on out. Neglecting your own health and wellness in the process, however, will eventually get in the way of you being the best parent possible. So, utilize suggestions like those provided above to begin incorporating more fitness into your day without falling off course.