Pros and Cons of Assisted Living Versus Caring for Parents in Your Home

Many people come face to face with the decision as to whether to bring their aging parents into their home or opt for assisted living. Listed below are a few pros and cons to help with the decision-making process.

The Extent of their Healthcare Needs

First and foremost, your decision should put emphasis on what’s best for them. If your parents are in good health and have only age-related issues, then bringing them into your home to live may prove beneficial to both. However, if they have failing health that requires the assistance of another for things like going to the bathroom, an assisted living facility has trained staff. 

Life’s Conveniences

Many seniors are not hip to newer technologies and that can leave them at the mercy of others. For instance, something as simple as a TV remote may hinder their ability to remain independent and cause stress on you and your family. In senior living facilities they understand the needs of their seniors and provide senior care solutions which allows them to maintain a good quality of life. 

A Busy Schedule

Let’s face it, your life is anything but dull. Bringing in two more people to your home that have special needs can cause stress and take a toll on your state of mind. For example, you have school-aged children involved in after-school activities and a parent that needs to go to physical therapy several times a week. This can create a hardship for you, trying to travel from one place to another after a full day at the office. 


With every member of the family involved in their own life, it can be difficult to spend quality time with your parents. As a result, they live with you instead of becoming a member of the family. In many cases, this can lead to a feeling of isolation. It’s not something you want, it’s just something that can happen. On the other hand, an assisted living facility designed for seniors caters to their needs. Additionally, there are only seniors there, so your parents can make friends, socialize, and create strong bonds. 

A Space of Their Own

Your parents come from a home of their own. They are used to having a kitchen, living room, their own bath, and a bedroom. Before making the decision to have them move in with you, you must first figure out where they will stay. Preferably you should use a room near a bathroom and in line with the kitchen area. With an assisted living facility, they will have a place all their own. They won’t have to wait for someone else to use the bathroom or cook in the kitchen. 

The Family’s Opinion

It’s important that you present the possibility of your parents moving in with every member of your family. Life will not be the same as before and you should allow them to weigh in on whether or not the living arrangement will work. Older parents rise earlier and go to bed sooner. If you have teens or are a night owl, this may present challenges. 

Financial Weigh In

Not every senior has savings or a home they own in retirement. If your parents are not financially capable of affording an assisted living facility, it may further hinder their ability to maintain a good quality of life. 

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a double-edged sword. If your parents live with you you’ll know what they are doing at all times, so you are at peace. However, if you place them in a facility that has trained staff available 24/7 they are well taken care of, especially in the event of an emergency.