3 Reasons Why the Right Flooring Can Improve Your Life

Many things come into play when deciding on the right flooring. With both looks and practicality to consider, it can be hard to get exactly what it is you want. But there’s no reason you can’t have both! Before you set your heart on a flooring type, take these three considerations into account first

1. Underfloor heating

If this is something you’re planning to install or already have, then it will hugely influence your flooring choice as not all options can work with it. Even if it’s not something you are looking to get any time soon, it is definitely worth giving yourself the option as it will help the selling value of your property when it is time to move on.

Solid wood is a beautiful and durable choice of flooring, but it isn’t able to cope with the fluctuating temperatures of underfloor heating. With this in mind, if you have fallen for real wood’s authentic charm but this is a feature that’s important to you, then engineered wood is your best bet. It is much more stable than its solid counterpart, due to the nature construction of the planks, which in turn also means that it adapts to the temperature changes well.

If you’re not completely sold on real wood or the price tag is too off putting, then you may want to consider Luxury Vinyl Tiles or laminate. They come in convincing imitations of real wood but at a cheaper price and easier maintenance, as well as being compatible with under floor heating.

2. Cleaning and maintenance

Whether we like it or not, cleaning is just something we all have to do, playing a big part in our flooring choice, especially if you come from a busy household where more mopping and sweeping is necessary! The good news is that you should have no concerns keeping real wood, vinyl, tile and laminate clean, with dirt not seeping into the surface – unlike carpet which is a pain to clean and you’re always worrying about stains!

One of the best attributes of real wood flooring products is that you can sand them down if stains and scratches do occur – this is ideal if you have pets with sharp claws and kid’s toys that can scratch. The best thing is that this can usually be done more than once depending on the floor’s wear layer, so if this is something that you think is more likely to happen in your household, then opt for a product with a thicker wear layer. Again, if you are wanting something a little more wallet friendly but with all the practical benefits of real wood, then vinyl is scratch, stain and waterproof, perfect for rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen that see high exposure to this.

3. Consider a neutral timeless appeal

Your flooring is more than likely going to stay for a while – and you’re probably going to change your décor around before you replace your flooring. Therefore, a floor which is going to complement many furnishing and décor themes is imperative! Again, timeless appeal is important; you need to be sure you’ll like it in 10 years’ time! We are not saying that you need to be totally conservative in your choice, it’s your home after all – but try and opt for something that adheres to most people’s tastes, it’ll help you when it is time to sell too!