The Keys To Keeping Your Family Healthy And Happy

Family life is great, isn’t it? Amidst the chaos of dirty socks on the floor, backpacks piling up with paperwork from school, and the crazy schedule juggling that we all do to make sure everyone gets from place to place, we find time to settle down and enjoy those precious moments that make all the daily din worthwhile.

Even the most organized “head” of the family wishes for more health and happiness for their family members—but how can we achieve that delicate balance that provides individual expression and contribution to a family unit? Below are some helpful tips for keeping your entire family healthy and happy, no matter what you find yourself doing from day to day:

Practice good hygiene—and teach it!

One way to stay healthier and happier is by living in a clean environment and learning how to take proper care of yourself. As a parent, you may also be teaching little ones to master the same skills of self-care and cleaning up after themselves. While it may seem like a thankless job at times, studies show that living in a clean environment, showering/bathing regularly, and practicing good oral hygiene are all excellent ways to stop the spread of germs and prevent disease.

Speaking of disease….be proactive

In today’s day and age of easy access to information, it has never been easier to be informed about your health and important issues that you and your family might face. Dealing with chronic illness, unfortunately, might be something you and your family members have to deal with. Looking for new and innovative ways to treat chronic conditions, like alternative treatment for colon cancer and other deadly diseases, will put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to asking for the type of care that you need. Being informed when you have conversations with your doctor will allow you to receive more specific answers pertaining to your health.

Toe the line

Refuse to think about discipline as punishment; you are teaching your children what healthy boundaries look like, and you can use conflict as an opportunity to teach about natural consequences and taking responsibility for their actions. Kids who know what is expected of them feel safer, more secure, and they flourish under the watchful eye of parents who are committed to raising responsible, thoughtful citizens.

Play together

The family that plays together stays together! Establish a family game night and order pizzas, do a weekly nature walk together and enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors, or engage in an impromptu joke session that leaves everyone belly laughing. Let your family know that you genuinely enjoy their company, and look forward to these times when you can all create happy memories together.

Communication is key

Misunderstandings, conflict, and strife can occur when family members don’t communicate with one another on a regular basis. Why not consider scheduling regular check-in times when everyone can sit down and air grievances, share triumphs and just let each other know what is going on. For weeks that are a bit more hectic, establish some kind of communication medium, such as a whiteboard, where you can all tell one another important bits and pieces of life that are coming up. the more you know how to support one another, the easier it will be to function as a family unit.

Commit to making the family stronger

For families to be truly healthy and happy, all members must be on board with the way their unit functions. Communicate love and support over all else, and you will be able to handle whatever crazy ride life throws at you. Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!