The Best Special Education Resources of 2020

As a teacher, you know that having access to the right resources can make or break your lesson plan.

Your kiddos benefit when you have the best, most comprehensive tools and activity extensions prepared for each class. And you benefit too because the likelihood that your class runs smoothly goes way up.

Even if you’re just a parent, knowing where to go to help your kid learn and stay engaged is awesome!

Here are the best five special education resources for teachers and parents.

1. Do2Learn

If you’re looking for a one-stop site for things like communication cards, songs, and games, this is it. Do2Learn provides awesome resources for children with autism, Aspergers, fetal alcohol syndrome, and other disabilities.

There’s a bevy of resources specifically dedicated to developing social skills. From printable cards that you can fill out with your students to behavior contracts, there are plenty of special education resources that’ll help you both grow together.

It’s a good place to learn other core words in special education as well.

2. IEP and 504 Resources

Whether you’re looking for special education resources for parents or teachers, this site is important for the welfare of your child. The National Center For Learning Disabilities provides up-to-date important information on crafting Individual Learning Plans for your children.

Remember, these get updated yearly. IEPs and 504s are always a work in progress, so keeping in the loop is a great thing for your child.

3. Teacher Vision

More of a pedagogical resource, Teacher Vision is a wonderful site to find lesson plans for special needs students. You can print them directly off the site, or scroll through their many themes to help inspire your own lessons.

Teacher Vision is also a great place to equip your home or classroom with handy management tools. Check out their organizers, classroom forms, and worksheets for some great ideas!

4. Autism Tank

Experts are great, but sometimes it’s nice to hear about someone’s first-hand experience. Autism Tank is a blog created by a special education teacher who works with students with autism.

Scroll through her site to find resources on collecting data for students, classroom and behavioral management tactics as well as tips for managing downtime.

5. Miss Lulu

Another wonderful online special education resource room that offers a personal touch, Miss Lulu offers tons of math resources for special needs students.

She writes about real-life topics like setting boundaries with students, and also provides printable resources that teachers can use at school and parents can use at home.

If you or the child you’re working with like to decorate, she also offers an array of downloadable classroom decor.

Special Education Resources for Teachers

The best special education resources help make for unforgettable, educational lessons that your students love. But many of them can also easily be adapted to an at-home or remote learning setting with parents or other adults, too.

Visit our blog for more educational resources. Thanks for reading!