How to Select an Engagement Ring That Speaks to Her Heart

Proposing to a woman you love isn’t easy. You have to make sure that you’re asking at the right time, that you’ve got the approval of those that care most about her, and that the proposal is one that she’ll remember forever. Nothing, however, is more stressful about getting engaged than finding the perfect ring. This ring is supposed to serve as a symbol of your love for her. It will be worn on her hand for the rest of her life. Therefore, you want it to be a special ring, one that she adores and would be proud to wear. 

The problem is, there are so many rules when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. Most of the advice out there recommends that it be something that costs you three times your monthly salary. It also has to be attractive, flashy, and trendy enough to past the test. This type of pressure can leave you shopping for rings for months, and even going bankrupt over them. 

The reality, however, is, that price and trend really don’t matter. In fact, the only person you have to worry about impressing is your future fiance. To do that, you’ve got to speak to her heart. Below, are some guidelines in selecting an engagement ring that does just that: 

Match Her Personality

The type of jewelry you wear helps to add to your personality. Since she’ll be wearing this ring as an accessory for the rest of her days, this is an important factor to keep in mind. Think about the woman you’re about to propose to. What is she like? Is she classic and traditional? Is she outgoing and over the top? Is she more simple and minimal? 

Once you’ve found a few words to describe her character, use these adjectives to shop for engagement rings. A classic and traditional ring might be a simple solitaire diamond with a white or yellow gold band. An outgoing and bold woman might prefer a ring with more detail like a large center diamond and smaller diamonds surrounding the band or a bold colored diamond with intricate metalwork on the band. A woman who is simple and minimal might prefer a pearl, birthstone, or an infinity band. 

Tap Into Her Passions

Another way to select an engagement ring that speaks to your lady’s heart is to tap into her passions. What things fuel her? What puts a smile on her face? What causes is she interested in? You can use this information to find a ring that will remind her of her passions every time she looks at her ring finger. If she is a lover of the environment, for example, you might purchase lab created diamonds instead of going with an authentic diamond as they are safer for the environment. If she loves music or dance, have a custom made engagement band with tiny musical notes or dance shoes going around the band. Does she support breast cancer awareness? Opt for a rose gold band and a pink diamond. 

Find Out What She Likes

If the two of you have been together for a while and the relationship has been progressing in a positive manner, chances are she’s been thinking about marriage too. This means that there is a high possibility that she has expressed at some point the type of engagement ring she would like. Think back to conversations you’ve had, consider romantic movies you’ve watched and the rings she seems to smile the most about, check the magazines she reads to see if she circled or bunny-eared any pages, check her social media profile to see if she’s shared or liked any pictures of engagement rings lately, or perhaps talk to those closest to her to see if she has dropped hints to them. 

Don’t let engagement ring advice like spending three times what you make in a month, trends, or impressing family, friends, and coworkers cause you to put off, stress, or go bankrupt. This ring is a token of your love and appreciation for her. It should speak from your heart to hers. By using the engagement ring shopping advice listed above, you’ll be sure to find the ring that sweeps her off her feet. Then, you’ll just have to worry about how to share the news