How To Care For Your Child’s Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses for kids are an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep. These types of mattresses do not require much care but by following some simple tips you can be confident that your mattress stays in good condition and delivers maximum comfort throughout its life span. 


When you first get your mattress home, it is important to unpack it completely and leave it to air. Don’t leave it wrapped in plastic in a garage for example or any damp could cause it to become discolored or damaged if left for too long. 

Air The Mattress First 

Many new memory foam mattresses for kids give off a “new” smell otherwise known as “off-gassing” because of the manufacturing process. This is completely harmless and the odor will dissipate within a few days, so just unpack the mattress and leave it to air indoors before you start using it if the smell is too noticeable. 

Always Use A Mattress Protector On Your Mattress For Kids

This will protect the mattress and is a good way to keep it clean and maintain its life span. More importantly, it helps your child.  

A good quality mattress protector is breathable and offers protection against dust mites so is ideal if your child has any allergy issues. Make sure you wash the mattress protector regularly to maintain cleanliness. Most mattress protectors can be washed in the machine on the cold cycle without any hassle. Some brands even include protectors with their kids memory foam mattress ranges so have a god look around

Air The Bed Every Day 

You can do this by just leaving the covers off for around 20 minutes (you can leave the mattress protector on the bed) but doing this will dry out any moisture such as sweat. This is important for all the beds in your home. So it is a good habit for all family members to get into. 

Rotate The Mattress On A Regular Basis

Memory foam mattresses for kids don’t need to be turned over, as with other types of mattresses, but they do require rotating so that the surface does not become uneven. 

To rotate the mattress, spin it around (like the hands of a clock) so that the foot end becomes the head end and reverse the process next time you do it.   Rotating the mattress every three months will ensure that the mattress does not become uneven or dented by the regular imprint of your child’s body.

Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress For Kids With A Vacuum Cleaner Every Once In A While 

Even though you have a mattress protector in place and a memory foam mattress does not accumulate the dry skin that we shed every night, it is still worth doing. Vacuuming once every six months should be adequate for keeping your mattress clean and in a new condition. You should vacuum all your mattresses but this is especially important for a mattress for kids because a child’s skin is more delicate and sensitive than an adult’s.  

Try To Discourage The Children From Jumping On The Mattress (sorry kids!)

A memory foam mattress for kids has very little bounce anyway but jumping on the bed can weaken the mattress’s support so this should be discouraged. Your child’s bed is an investment for their health and wellbeing, perhaps you could opt for a garden trampoline?

Clean Up Any Spills Immediately

Accidents can happen but bedwetting or spilled drinks can make the mattress wet so always act quickly to prevent this from happening. With a memory foam mattress, this is not such a problem as with conventional mattress materials as you can just wipe the surface dry with not too much risk of staining. 

If your child is prone to bedwetting, making sure you always have a spare mattress protector to hand. This will help prolong the lifespan of your mattress and ensure that your child is always warm, dry, and comfortable. 


Memory foam mattresses for kids are ideal. They are easy to care for and will provide great support throughout these formative years. So whether you are looking for a bunk bed mattress or a trundle bed mattress, a memory foam mattress is a fantastic way of ensuring that your child is always able to get a good night’s sleep