15 Ideas for Organising your Food Storage Containers 

It is easy to accumulate far too many storage containers. Before long, you start to feel frustrated every time you open a kitchen cupboard or drawer and you can never find the box you want or the lid to match it. Fortunately, we have put together 15 ideas that will let you keep all your really useful boxes organised and your kitchen clutter-free.

1 – Attach a small bucket to the back of a cupboard door and keep all of your lids inside. You can use more than one and sort your lids by shape or size.

2 – If you have a storage drawer consider using a panel to act as a dividing line that separates your containers and lids.

3 – Get some adjustable drawer dividers to separate your drawer into vertical thirds. Put lids on the left, stacked containers in the middle and then use the right for the pieces that do not fit so well.

4 – Tension rods in drawers are a great way to create a narrow section that holds your lids standing so that they are easy to grab.

5 – With a large enough drawer you can use bookends to divide the interior into adjustable sections. Each section can contain a nest of stacked containers going from largest to smallest with a few dedicated spaces for the lids.

6 – CD racks are a great way to keep container lids apart from each other while still letting you sort them according to size or shape.

7 – Mesh baskets are the perfect way to keep your really useful boxes together but mobile. Simply divide it up in the same way you would a drawer and then move it around the kitchen as needed.

8 – If you do not have too many storage containers yet you can invest in a small storage drawer for the smaller pieces and keep the larger ones on top.

9 – If you have some larger boxes, these can keep your smaller food containers inside and can then rest inside their own storage drawer. Keeping containers with similar purposes together makes everything easier to find, especially if you label the larger boxes.

10 – Pull out drawers are a fantastic addition to a cupboard that makes sorting through the contents so much easier. A couple of these with a few large baskets inside create a dedicated container space that is easy to sort through.

11 – A simple dish-drainer can be placed into a cupboard for an easy way to organise lids and small tubs while allowing for maximum accessibility.

12 – If you do not have a pull-out drawer you can make your own with an extra-large tub which can be easily found for cheap. Once you have this larger space you can use shoe boxes or other larger containers to subdivide the space for smaller items. This is a particularly good system for useful containers that are not needed quite as often.

13 – If you have a particularly large cupboard you are not currently using, stores like Ikea provide some useful storage trays that can be kept out of the way and let you categorise everything easily.

14 – Alternatively, if you have an empty cupboard with several shelves inside then you can try dedicating each shelf to a different item. One for lids, one for glass containers, one for plastic and so on.

15 – Sometimes the simple methods are best and simply sorting your containers by size and stacking them all in one larger but totally empty cupboard will surprise you with how much you can fit into one space.