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5 Ways to Ensure an Inclusive and Lovely Family Valentine’s Day

Did you know the latest stats show that Americans buy 145 million Valentine’s Day cards? That number doesn’t include kids’ classroom cards!

Most people think of romantic love when they think about Valentine’s Day, but why not share the love with the whole family? This year, consider doing a family Valentine’s Day and including everyone.

Here are some great ideas for making Valentine’s Day a family affair.

1. Anonymous Rose Drop

The red rose is synonymous with love and Valentine’s Day, learn why here.

Create a tradition and teach your kids about generosity at the same time with this wonderful activity. Do you have any widows or single ladies or men in the neighborhood?

Gather the family for a little mission. Tie a ribbon around a single red rose and put a nice card wishing the receiver a Happy Valentine’s Day. Let them know it’s from an anonymous neighbor who cares and is thinking about them.

You’ll make someone’s day and teach your kids to think about others.

2. A Memory Box Craft

After the rose drop, bring everyone in for a small craft activity. Help the kids decorate an old shoebox with drawings or wrapping paper.

Put family memories in the box throughout each year. Photos, cards, and little stories of shared moments are the perfect thing.

Did your kid do something hilarious or generous? Write it down and put it in the box. On Valentine’s Day, take a few moments to go through the box as a family.

3. Small But Meaningful Gifts

Romantic partners often exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day. This year, extend the tradition to the rest of the family. Give them small, but meaningful gifts.

A small piece of keepsake jewelry, a book, or a toy are all perfect. Do what works best for your family.

4. Valentine’s Day Dinner for the Family

How about a heart-shaped pizza followed by a red-velvet heart-shaped cake for dessert? Don’t have time to make pizza dough? Buy some pre-made from your favorite grocery store.

Let the kids help with the toppings! They’ll love this and it makes for the perfect family Valentine’s Day dinner.

5. A Jar of Sweet Words with Dessert

To go along with your heart-shaped cake, how about a jar full of sweet words? In today’s world, negativity is everywhere. This is something you can take beyond Valentine’s Day to counteract the negativity.

Keep a jar handy in the kitchen. Throughout the year, fill it with small hand-written notes of sweet words, phrases, and thoughts of gratitude.

During dessert on Valentine’s Day, have each family member pull a paper out of the jar and read the thought out loud. If this is your first year with the jar, have each child come up with a good thought, word, or phrase to get the jar started.

Make It a Family Valentine’s Day!

Make it a family Valentine’s Day and make it meaningful. Your kids will love being included, and you’ll get to teach them about community, generosity, and love.

Pick one or all of these activities for a fun and inclusive Valentine’s Day!

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