The Best Way to Tell Your Friends We are Tying the Knot Save the Dates

You and your fiancé have decided to tie the knot and it is one of the happiest days of both your lives. Weddings of wonderful events that give you, your fiancé and friends and family the opportunity to celebrate your union and to come together in a joyful event.

Now that you decided to do it and if pick the date, you have to decide the best and least stressful way to tell everyone to get them to put aside the special dates relating to your wedding. There are several ways to do this and you can decide on using one way or combination of each to let everyone that should know, be informed.

Send Them Save the Dates Invites

One of the best ways to inform your friends and family that the two of you are tying the knot is to send them save the dates invites. If you purchase we are tying the knot save the dates invites from a company like basic invite oh, you will have a choice of a large variety of beautiful invites from which to choose. You can customize each invite Romania Limitless variety of colors and themes and you can coordinate each of your invites so that they present one basic theme for your wedding.

They have a selection of invites that include those for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the wedding rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower, the wedding, and every other event connected with you getting married. By sending a save-the-date invite, you get the opportunity to set up a perfect tone for your marriage and to also show everyone will attend how serious you are about your wedding. Basic invite also provides a free website that you can customize and used to provide updates, directions, and an Interactive discussion with any of your guests. The company is one of the industry leaders at helping engaged couples have an amazing wedding.

Get Them All together

Another way to let everyone know that you and your fiancé have pick the wedding date is to invite everyone to an event and make an announcement. Although it will be difficult to keep everyone in the dark until you make the announcement, bringing everyone together to tell them, can be a wonderful way to do it. Consider holding an event at one of your homes or making the announcement at another formal event. Perhaps it’s a birthday party for you or your spouse to be, Christmas or Thanksgiving, or some other important occasion that allows for all your friends and family to be in one place.

Tell Them Individually

Telling your friends and family individually or in small groups is another way to inform everyone that you are about to take the big leap. You and your spouse-to-be can divide list of people that need to be told and each make the phone calls. Here again you should expect that before you get too far down the list, the people at the end of the list will already know the big announcement. However is still a lot of fun to tell them oh, and it will not dampen their excitement when you make the phone call to say to them that the wedding date has been planned.

Sending a formal card is perhaps the best way to tell your family and friends did you and your fiancé are tying the knot, and a save-the-date card from Basic Invite fits the ideal scenario.