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My Best Of, as chosen by my likeronies on Facebook:

KEEPING YOUR BABY CLOSE AFTER BIRTH - two very different afterbirth scenarios

THE INFLUENCE OF BIRTH EXPERIENCE - How my daughter's birth and subsequent events changed me as a person and a parent.

AM I A FEMINIST, PART ONE - Different kinds of feminism and what feminism should be about.

AUTONOMOUS BABIES, BABIED CHILDREN - the paradoxal treatment of babies and children in Western Society

US VS. THEM - the division of the world into dichotomies

HOW TO: AFRICAN BABYWEARING - a how to in pictures

Most viewed:

10 THINGS NOT TO DO TO AN UPSET CHILD AND A COUPLE OF THINGS YOU CAN DO - This article raised quite a commotion, even though it's a very respectful article about dealing with big emotions

5 TYPES OF BEHAVIOR THAT SHOULD RING AN ALARM BELL - When should you worry about your child's behavior and how to respond

COMPLIANCE VS COOPERATION: 5 WAYS TO TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN THAT WILL GET YOU NOWWHERE - A couple of real life examples of effective respectful communication

THE MOST EFFECTIVE TOOL YOU'VE NEVER USED TO TAME YOUR TEMPER - Guest post by Meredith Barth on giving your child the tools to stop your anger right in its tracks