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A Curiously Creepy Alphabet Book

A Curiously Creepy Alphabet Book is a great way to introduce young children to different Rhyming Styles and early readers to an extended vocabulary. If your little one likes all things creepy and scary, this is the book for you! 
Can you find the hidden alphabet words? 


The Postpartum Herbal Guide

The Postpartum Herbal Guide is an introductory booklet to herbs for new mothers.
Topics include: how to make a herbal infusion, herbs for the postpartum time, traditional chinese postpartum bone broth recipe, herbs and breastfeeding and how to make your own sitz bath mix.  
Learn how to use herbs to support and strengthen your postpartum body and to heal minor ailments. Make your postpartum time a nourishing one. 

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What Readers are saying:

I'm reading your ebook on my iPhone, and it is AMAZING! I love every single page. I wish I had this book after my last HB. I DID A MODIFICATION OF THE SITZ bath but yours sound incredible. I feel rich!
Lisa Nelson, The Squishable Baby 

Mommy Overwhelm

Mommy Overwhelm: A Holistic Approach to Parental Stress and Depression is a step-stone guide for parents who want to overcome daily overwhelm, stress and depression.
In this book, Laura draws from her own experience overcoming a longstanding depression to hand you the tools to heal. From strengthening foods and herbs to exercises and activities, this guide will kickstart your journey to happier, balanced parenting.

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ISBN: 9781301875979

What readers say about Mommy Overwhelm:
 "I love your sense of urgency on this issue – the way you talk about reaching out and getting the community you deserve. Too many times, women end up doing it all and struggling in silence. So many moms can “keep it together” but that’s not the way to live. They deserve more help and more support."
- Anonymous 
"What a beautiful, accessible book you have written for stressed out mothers (fathers) Mommy Overwhelm: A Holistic Approach to Parental Stress and Depression. I was touched when I read "If a friend is showing these signs, now is the time to act. (…) Do something amazing. Bring a basket of food, take your friend to a spa, go and give her a pedicure, set up a helper's association, whatever you think might help your friend. You can make a change, and sometimes just a small token of attention is enough to change someone‟s course." May this book reach many mothers."
- Joyce Hoek-Pula (translated from Dutch), doula and prenatal yoga teacher

One of the hardest things is reaching out to others when you already feel so fragile. Although the book does not replace a medical professional, Laura has so much empathy, encouragement and practical advice to help you heal. I particularly loved that there were so many little things that I could do, ideas that I wouldn't have come up with on my own, that were manageable and easy enough not to add to the burden of things that I should do but couldn't. I recommend this book to any mama who struggles sometimes with Mommy Overwhelm!
- Dulce Chale, Dulche de Leche, read the full review here 

It's such a challenge to condense all the different principles and techniques, but less is more for parents who are at the early stages of trying to get their head around it all. Your book is very accessible, very easy to read, well broken down into bite size chunks.

- Genevieve Simperingham, owner of The Peaceful Parent Institute

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  1. Love your website. I am fundraiser and art teacher for 25 kids in the local orphanage in Mexico - ages 4-15. I am always looking for art projects that will interest all the kids. Most of the time, the project is too simple for the older kids. Can you recommend any sources for good art projects?


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