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Authentic Parenting is an alternative parenting and green living hub. We bring Though-provoking articles on various related topics, with a primary focus on healthy and environmentally sound living, peaceful parenting and natural birth. 

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About the author:

Laura is the owner and spiritual mother of this site. She has a master's degree in communication sciences, but deviated from the two-income family that is the norm in her native country (Belgium) in order to stay at home with her growing family. She is mom to three children.
After moving around a lot - mostly in West and Central Africa - her family has now settled on a homestead in Malawi and she is building a chocolate business of her own.
Laura is very passionate about parenting, unschooling and natural living and out of this passion originated this blog.

Aside from this blog, Laura publishes a Dutch online magazine about conscious living: Vol Leven. She has written several books on natural living, all of which you can find on Amazon.

Articles on this website are based on the author's personal experiences as parents and on their extensive reading. We do not claim to be parenting experts. We do not give out medical advice. 

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