Baby Safety: This Is How to Buy Toys for Your Child

Toys are more than just a fun diversion to keep your children occupied and give you a little time to yourself.

Studies show that toys help develop children’s cognitive and motor skills and can have a major impact on the rest of your child’s life.

That said, any old toys won’t do. Baby safety is paramount when choosing toys for the littlest members of your family. Here’s how to get it right.

Check Baby Safety Recommendations

Always check any safety warnings before buying toys for babies. By law, toy packaging must clearly indicate if the contents hold any dangers for young children.

Some of these aspects include:

  • Small pieces they could swallow
  • Choking hazards
  • Age recommendations
  • Toxins
  • Small Magnets
  • Button batteries

These warnings are the first thing to consider when buying toys for your child but there are other things to consider too.

Quality Considerations

Look for well-made toys. Check that all parts are tightly attached and that the edges and seams are secure. Remove any ribbons or strings and avoid toys stuffed with small pellets.

Cords longer than 12 inches long pose a choking hazard for small children.

Often older models of the same toy might not feature modern safety considerations. For instance, an older model toy may have a play phone with a long cord, while the newer model will sport a cordless phone.

Toys made from thin plastic can break easily, always choose sturdy toys. Machine-washable items are best.

Pay attention to notifications of toy recalls and bear these in mind while shopping. Some stores may still have stocks of these unsafe items.

The Simpler, The Better

Simple toys help foster creativity and allow children to exercise their imaginations, learn more. Children can use classic toys like balls and building bricks in a multitude of ways.

Bear this in mind when choosing baby toys. Gadgets that do all the work for them have few benefits for young enquiring minds.

They also have more moving parts which mean more can go wrong. Simple toys with smooth shapes can’t break off to create a choking hazard or sharp edges that may cut little fingers.

Rather seek out toys that allow children the freedom to invent their own games using only a few components.

Toys with flashing lights and automatically moving parts can harm your child’s development. These toys deny your child the privilege of taking charge of their play and can affect their attention span.

Heed Age Recommendations

Toys designed for older children may hold hidden dangers for your baby. They learn more from age-appropriate toys than those targeted for more advanced children.

They’ll also become bored more quickly with toys that aren’t suited for their mental capabilities.

Keeping Your Children Safe and Happy

With so many different types of baby toys to choose from nowadays, it’s important to remember the real purpose of toys in children’s lives. So, focus on the bigger picture, rather than opting for the latest fads, when picking baby toys.

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