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Saturday, June 27, 2015

3 Ways to Afford Fun Activities for Your Kids

Are your family finances tight? You are not alone. Many of the families across the country live
paycheck to paycheck with little disposable income. With this type of lifestyle, it is difficult to find extra income for recreational activities, travel, and food. Unfortunately, a lack of things to do (or the money to do them) can cause many kids and parents to suffer from boredom and depression. If you are tired of streaming movies and TV shows, these tips can help you afford some fun activities for your kids.

1 - Search for Free Activities

There are several free activities that you can participate in with your kids. Nearly all of the local libraries have a calendar of free events. You can also take your kids to the library to check out books. It may even be fun to do this weekly, so your children develop an interest in reading. In addition to visiting the library, you can find a park, pool, splash pad, or museum to spend the day at. Depending on the venue, there may be periods when entrance is free. To find these free deals, research online. You may even discover new options you haven’t heard of before.

2 - Cut Back in Other Areas

In some cases, affording fun family activities may require a little budgeting. If you make an effort to cut back in other areas, you can free up funds for entertainment purposes. For example, you can eat in more often to save money for a movie. You can also go through your bills to make sure you are not paying more than necessary. Insurance, in particular, is one area that you may be able to save money. It is a good idea to talk to an insurance agent to make sure you are not over insuring and paying for more coverage than you need. Cutting back is not easy. After all, who wants to go without? Fortunately, a little extra work on your budget is a great way to help your cash flow. You may even promote a better long term financial future for your family because of your efforts.

3 - Look for Coupons

Another great way to afford recreation is to take advantage of coupons. You can use coupons to help you save money at the grocery store. This extra money can be applied to your entertainment budget. There are also coupons available for the exciting attractions in your area. Finding them sometimes requires a little effort and patience. To increase your chances of finding a deal on a fun activity, it is a good idea to connect with coupon sites. This way you can receive details about the latest deals and discounts. If there is a specific venue you are interested in, you can always ask friends for advice on finding the best price. Chances are someone you know on social media has scored a great deal. You can use their feedback to help you do the same.

Plan an Affordable Activity Today

It’s nice to do something fun with your kids every once and awhile. It will help improve your sanity as a parent and provide joy to your kids. Even better, it does not have to cost a fortune. Plan one today that you and your kids will love.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Busy Moms Deserve Stylish Diaper Bags - How to find the right bag for you

These are difficult times for parents, and especially for mothers. Our society places so many expectations on a woman's shoulders, especially if she has kids: work, household, child rearing... It can become a bit much and you might end up feeling spent.

As mothers we are often selfless, spending all of our time and energy on everything and everyone but ourselves. It can be easy to end up feeling washed out, empty...

Many moms have issues spending hard earned money on themselves, making sure the whole family is fed and dressed, but walking around frumpy themselves. If you are in desperate need to treat yourself, but can't bring yourself to spend just for you, then maybe investing in a stylish and practical diaper bag is a sound idea. It will be your main accessory for the first years of your child's life and this way you can trick yourself since it's not just for you.

But what do you look for in a diaper bag? 

  1. First and foremost, your diaper bag needs to be large enough to fit several diapers and necessities, but not so large that it becomes difficult to carry around (you'll be hulling the thing tho and fro!).
  2. Look for many different compartments. If the one you love comes without inner compartments, think about looking for a bag insert, which enables you to take out the insert for short trips. 
  3. Think about what you will be carrying: are you cloth diapering or using disposables? Do you breast feed or bottle feed? Depending on your needs, your desires for a bag will change. It is entirely possible that you're better off with an overnight bag compared to a conventional diaper bag. 
  4. What are you willing to spend? The bag I use now - and love - cost me just below ten euros, but I had a really expensive one with my first child. It was bulky and unpractical, and had loads of features I didn't need. 

Here are some pictures of celebrity moms where you can get an idea before you buy your stylish diaper bag

Hilary Duff 

Jessica Alba 

Kourtney Kardashian 

Found the ideal bag for you? Post in the comments below to inspire your fellow readers.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tips to Create Kids' Rooms that Adults Will Love

Content provided by Janice

So many parents find themselves constantly shelling out money, time, and energy to redecorate and change their child's room. If you make the right choices now then you will have little to do later as your child grows. Making the right choices does not have to mean that you are not allowing your children to choose things or have fun in their room. It just means that you are getting creative with the process and making choices that everyone is going to love.

Choosing Home Decor

Today there are no shortages of new arrivals of home goods. In fact it might seem like everywhere you look, there is always something new that you could be using to decorate your home. If you have a child chances are that you want something whimsical and fun. One great tip is to look for home d├ęcor pieces that are still fun enough for children but grown up enough to take them through the college years. Choosing these types of pieces will help you maintain some order in their room and easily be able to update the little things to make it what they want as they grow up.

Let Your Child Create Unique Pieces to Display

With websites that are dedicated to DIY projects there is no need to worry if you are not creative enough to do them on your own. There are so many different ways that you can take things that you might have been tempted to throw away and re-purpose them into something that you are going to use. Old buttons can become artwork that your child creates and then gets to display in their room. Old silverware can become wind chimes with fishing line and an embroidery hoop. Think about things that you can make from the things that you have lying around your home or can easily purchase for a reasonable price.

Choose Pictures Wisely

If you are going to invest in more expensive canvases or special pictures it is important to invest in choices that are wise. Choose pictures that represent a special love or time period in your child's life. Doing this ensures that you are going to be able to really create a space that your child is going to be able to look back on special memories as they get older.

Create Equal Space to Play and Learn

When you are creating a room for your child it is important to remember that playing and learning are
both important parts of a child's development. Your child needs to have an environment where they feel free to play and enjoy their toys. This does not mean that they are not picking up after themselves but what it does mean is that you allow them to make a little mess so that they can have some fun. You also want them to be able to learn and grow in their rooms. Choose elements that are going to make some areas more focused on learning activities like reading and writing. A journal station or reading nook can really make a child happier to sit in their room and read.

Make Sure Seating is Available

Perhaps the biggest mistake that parents make in their child's room is leaving out the element of seating. If you have ever had problems getting up after sitting on the floor holding your child's hand while they fall asleep then you will understand this need. Make sure that there is ample space to sit down in your child's room. Doing all of these things is going to help you to be sure that you have a comfortable space for your child to learn and grow that you are going to love too.