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Monday, January 12, 2015

Natural Mama Postpartum Gift Basket

Naturally inclined parents might be a little harder to shop for, since we read all our labels and abhor
from certain products. So what are good gifts for your natural mama friend when she's had a new baby?

I've compiled a list of things new mamas will be thrilled to receive, see what you can find and wrap them all up in a beautiful basket, success assured!

  1. Coconut oil. All natural mamas love coconut oil and I'm pretty sure your friend can list about 100 ways she uses it, but it's quite expensive, so getting her a jar will light up her day.
  2. All natural baby cream. I'm not very big on baby products and use very few if any, but a good bum cream is something all mama's will need at some point.
  3. If baby is born in winter, a good face cream might be a good idea, as baby's skin can get very dry with wind and cold and indoor heating. I specifically like weleda's calendula face cream for babies. 
  4. Cloth breast pad for those leaky boobs the first days after the baby's born.
  5. A Cloth diaper for your friend to try on her baby. there are so many systems available and new diapers can be quite expensive. Your friend may be a little overwhelmed. 
  6. Breastfeeding herbal infusion
  7. A Sitz Bath mix is a lovely way to heal the perineum and take a minute for yourself after childbirth. You can find lots of DIY recies for postpartum herbal mixes in my eBook The Postpartum Herbal Guide.
  8. Postpartum Cloth Pads are so much better than the chemically laden paper version, and can be used over and over during her period. I did reviews on most of the brands a couple years back and also wrote down everything you need to know about cloth pads
  9. Cloth baby wipes are easily made and you can never have enough
  10. Healing wool or healing silk such as this to treat baby's diaper rash
  11. Sweet almond oil is another topper, which works for massage, dry skin or as a moisturiser after the bath.
  12. Wool baby items, such as a little hat, socks, onesies, pants, blanket... extra points for knitting them yourself (or making them from recycled blankets or sweaters)!
  13. Postpartum Herbal Infusion
  14. Tea Tree or Lavender essential oil are really nice all round EO's, who'll certainly have use for these some day or another. 
  15. Maybe a little less known, but the Bengkung wrap is a lovely way of giving that extra little support of the back and belly after birth, and it also lightens postpartum uterine cramping. I'm a bit cross that I only discovered it after having a third child! If you think the tying will be much of a fuss for your friend (I certainly wished I had a postpartum doula to put mine on!!), there are simpler belly binding devices on the market. Such as this one.
  16. Firming belly oil for mama. Traditionally, the Bengkung is used with an herb infused oil. There is a lot to be said for a daily massage of the uterus after birth and combining this with lovely herbal scents will only be beneficial for your friend's recovery. Here's a DIY idea.
  17. Organic breastfeeding snacks, because your friend will be hungry A LOT and will have very little time to concoct things. Think of raw nuts and dried fruit, nut and seed bars, dark chocolate, fruit...
  18. Subscription to a Natural mommy proof magazine, such as The Mother Magazine, Natural Child Magazine or Natural Mother Magazine
  19. Onesies are the type of thing you can hardly have enough of the first months of your baby's life, so adding an organic onesie to the lot is a good idea.
  20. A nursing necklace is something the baby can fondle when he gets bigger - way more fun than pinching and fiddling with the breast! There are a lot of options in this department nowadays, from wood to knitted beads to healing gems, take your pick. 
Don't forget that offering a helping hand is priceless, especially in the early days after baby, when the family is still settling in to find their new balance. So bring round a healthy meal, clan some veggies, throw in a load of laundry or take home some ironing when you visit. Your friend may be too polite to ask, but she surely can use some help.

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photo credit: Isle Concierge via photopin cc