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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Green Parenting Tips

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As a responsible parent, you want to take good care of your child.

As a responsible human, you should take good care of the environment.

Can you save the environment while taking care of your baby? Yes! Here are some tips that will guide you in the right direction.

Choose cloth or biodegradable diapers 

Until your little one is potty-trained, you want to use disposable diapers because it is easy. Once they are done, remove and dispose it. Let’s analyze this.

On an average, a baby needs seven diapers in a day. 7 a day, 210 a month, 2,520 a year. 

Babies cannot be potty-trained in a year. On an average, a baby is potty-trained in two years, sometimes a little more. That way, one parent uses approximately 5,040 diapers in two years. This is just one baby. Think about millions of babies all over the world.

So, it is better to switch over to cloth or biodegradable diapers, or practice eliminiation communication.

Electronic items

Use of electronic toys, swings and the like are being heavily promoted, but what's the benefit here? Baby tv and baby tablets have been largely discredited, as they can result in bad eye sight and can have negative effects on brain development.

That is not all. If your kids use electronic items, and for long hours, this will result in pushing your electricity bills on the higher side.


Plastic is the environment’s enemy. Try and reduce that count. If possible, eliminate it in particular sections. Choose wooden toys instead of plastics. Plastic toys contain hazardous materials such as plastic softeners and phthalates. This is dangerous because kids usually like putting toys in their mouth.

So, choose wooden or fabric toys for your kids.

Talking about wooden toys, here is a checklist.

1. It should be finished with nontoxic paint.

2. It should not be shiny.

3. It should not contain any sharp edges.

4. 100% child safe design is a must.

Planning to buy wooden toys? You can buy it online at and get exciting deals on toys. Specific coupons can help in pulling down your purchase price too.


Fresh, healthy meals for your baby are important. So, skip ready-to-eat products and make your own baby food or try Baby led eating (Rapley). However, if you are tired or have a busy schedule ahead, choose organic ready made meals. 

Choosing organic food, you will help the nature grow and, at the same time, you will keep your child away from the risk of behavioral problems, allergies, heart diseases, and many other ailments linked with over use of pesticide laden food.

Shop online

Shopping at a retail store, you might ask for bags that are not reusable. However, if you are shopping online, you can enjoy a bag-free experience. So, shop online and stay happy.

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Would you like to add to this list? Share your ideas in the comments.


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  1. I thought the 'tv is bad for your eyes' myth was already a thing of the past..


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