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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry for Teens? 4 Reasons why you could say yes

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Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of different options, from teeth whitening to dental veneers. Although cosmetic dentistry is used to improve the look of your teeth, it can have additional benefits as well, including increased self-esteem.

With the variety of cosmetic dentistry options available, many people question whether or not it’s the right move for them. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Americans spend about $2.75 billion each year in cosmetic dentistry, which means that it’s more common than you may think. If you have any of the following issues with your teeth or oral care, you should consider cosmetic dentistry to fix these issues and get you smiling.

1. Your child has crooked teeth.

If your teeth are crooked, it could cause you to feel self-conscious about your smile or general appearance. Instead of keeping closed lips all the time, opt for cosmetic dentistry. You could choose to get traditional braces, or you can opt for newer technologies that straighten your teeth without being obvious, such as Invisalign. No matter which option you choose, you can quickly fix those crooked teeth and turn them into a straight smile you’re proud to show off.

2. Your child has ‘yellowed’ teeth.

Over time, your teeth will lose their bright white color. This typically occurs because of the food and drink we consume as well as the lifestyle choices we make, such as smoking. Thankfully, you don’t have to let unflattering stained teeth ruin your smile. Instead, opt to have your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist. He or she has different options than what’s available over the counter, and you can walk out of the dentist’s office with a brighter smile in a short amount of time.

3. Cracked or broken teeth.

Having cracked or broken teeth can be a nuisance, so it’s a good idea to have them fixed, not just for cosmetic purposes, but for your health as well. If you leave cracked or broken teeth untreated, you run the risk of infection or injury. In order to fix the situation, you can have crowns placed on your teeth, or you could have dental veneers put on. Both options work extremely well and will allow you to have a beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted to have.

4. Oral health issues.

If you suffer from any type of oral health issue, such as gum disease, cosmetic dentistry can help. First, your cosmetic dentist will be able to correct the situation so that your gum disease or other oral health issue no longer exists. And since gum disease is closely linked to other diseases such as diabetes and respiratory issues, this is a huge health bonus.

Another way cosmetic dentistry can help your oral health issues is by improving your oral healthcare. Correcting issues in your mouth cannot only make it easier on you to brush and floss, but it can also motivate you to have better oral hygiene. After all, if you’re going to pay for cosmetic dentistry, it’s best to keep good care of those teeth once you do. Cosmetic dentistry can help alleviate many common oral issues, so if you find yourself suffering from any of these oral issues, contact your cosmetic dentist to find out which options are right for you.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

6 Things Your Teenager May Need During Puberty

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Going through puberty is something that every teenager will experience, and as a parent, it’s up to you to not only explain puberty to your child, but to also be prepared to help them go through puberty successfully.

Boys and girls will experience different things during puberty, but there are certain things you can purchase or prepare for in order to help. The following are six things your teenager may need during puberty.

Things your teenager may need during puberty

1. Deodorant
Your child may already wear deodorant, but if they don’t, now is the time to start. Your child’s body will start developing differently, and they’ll start to sweat and smell differently too. Be sure to stock up on plenty of deodorant so that your child can stay smelling fresh throughout the day.

2. Body Wash
Along with deodorant, you’ll want to stock up on body wash. Your child is going to smell differently, and they may start to take more showers thanks to practices or general hygiene. Be sure to stock up on body wash so that your child always has plenty of options to choose from.

3. Razors
Whether you have a boy or girl, razors will become a necessity. Your son will start to grow facial hair during puberty, and they’ll need to start shaving regularly. Your daughter may also want to start shaving the hair under her arms as well as on her legs. Teach your teen to shave so that they can go through puberty hairless if they so desire.

4. Tampons/Pads/menstrual cup
If you have a daughter, you know that her menstrual cycle is just around the corner. Because of this, you’ll want to have plenty of tampons and pads throughout your house so that she is ready for when the day comes. Be sure to have your daughter put some in her backpack and keep at school in case it happens while she’s not at home. You should also invest in some Midol too.

5. Doctor/Dentist Checkups
During puberty, your child’s body is going to experience many different changes, so it’s important to ensure your child sees the doctor and dentist on a regular basis. Your child’s doctor will be able to assess their physical health and determine if they are growing and developing at the right time. He or she will also be able to answer any questions your child may have about the changes he or she is currently experiencing.

Your child’s dentist will also be able to assess how his or her teeth are developing and whether or not he or she needs braces or another form of dental work. Getting these issues addressed now will keep your child from having to experience braces or other oral items as an adult.

6. Patience
Your child’s hormones are going to be out of control, and as a parent, the best thing you can do is to have a lot of patience. Your child is going to be moody for no reason, and then happy for no reason the next. He or she is going to get angry and embarrassed with you all the time, and they’re going to be less willing to ask you for help or tell you about their life. Understand that this is something every teenager experiences, and as long as you have patience, they’ll eventually grow out of it.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Things to Do Right Before Your 30th Birthday

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To some people, turning 30 isn’t a big deal. To others, though, turning 30 means turning into a real
adult, and it can often be scary. No matter if you’re welcoming 30 with open arms, or if you’re petrified of the big day, you have to understand that turning 30 is just a part of life, and it signifies a turning point in your life.

Things to do before you're 30
When you turn 30, you can still have all the same fun you had in your 20s, you just may have a harder time recovering because of it. But no matter what your thoughts are on 30 or what you expect about turning 30, there are a few things you need to do before you turn 30 to help ease your way into a new decade full of responsibility.

Visit Your Doctor for an Annual Exam

No, 30 does not mean that you’re old, but it does mean that you’re aging, as and much as you may hate to admit it, your body is not working the same way as it did in your early 20s. Because of this, it’s very important that you visit your doctor for an annual exam. He or she will be able to take your vitals and do an overall assessment of your health, and use this information to help you stay healthy. Maybe your doctor wants you to go on a diet, or maybe he or she believes you need medication to help cure or prevent a disease. By visiting your doctor now, and by regularly visiting him or her from here on out, you can keep your health in check and prevent any possible illness or disease before it becomes too serious.

Visit Your Dentist for a Regular Exam

Maybe you already see the dentist regularly, or maybe you haven’t seen the dentist since you’ve had your own insurance. No matter what, be sure to see your dentist now. Your oral health is just as important as your physical and mental health, and it’s something that can help keep you healthy all around. As you get older, your teeth and gums become weaker, and it’s important for your dentist to not only clean and assess your mouth regularly, but to also keep track of any issues. This doesn’t mean that you will necessarily need restorative dentistry on your 30th birthday, but it could help you ward off any underlying diseases that may be sprouting.


You’re at the prime of your life right now. Not only do you have the means to splurge on luxuries such as a vacation, but you also have the knowledge to appreciate it all. If you can, take some time before your 30th birthday to travel. Maybe you want to get out of the country, or maybe you just want to travel locally. It doesn’t matter where you go, but this is the time to get your friends and/or family together and take a memorable trip.

Make an Investment in Your Future

When you turn 30, you are just under halfway to retirement. Before you realize it, you’ll be even closer to retirement, and your opportunity to make an investment in your future may have passed. If you haven’t already, be sure to start a 401k or other retirement savings plan to help you prepare for your retirement. Investing money now means having more to retire on later. Plus, you’ll likely pay a lower rate than you will years from now, as inflation will just keep continuing to rise.

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