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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

I've got a cleaning lady coming for the first time today and realised that I basically don't have any cleaning products. When I am cleaning, I just throw a couple of things together on the spot, but as
somebody else is coming in, someone who's probably used to cleaning with ready made products, I figured I had to whip up a couple of things, to cover the basics.

So I made:

  • No streak Glass Cleaner using this recipe on Whole New Mom 
  • Bathroom cleaner with this recipe on Crunchy Betty
I tweaked the Glass cleaner by adding a couple drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil. My original, store bought (but eco-friendly) glass cleaner had Eucalyptus and I rather liked that. As we use very little scented products in general, some scent now and again is welcome. Given that Eucalyptus is air purifying and we've all got a bit of a cold (seriously, is this summer in Belgium? Missing Africa already), this is a good way of getting rid of bacteria and adding some aromatherapy to our home.

I usually have scented vinegar (like this) on hand for making my on the spot cleaners, so I don't need to add essential oils, but I haven't come around to making any since I moved back to Belgium. Yet writing this post (and receiving some lovely rosemary from a friend) reminded me to do so. 
I do have a bottle of store bought eco-friendly all purpose cleaner on hand for days when I don't feel like mixing anything up or lack the supplies.

Find more homemade cleaners on my Pinterest 'cleaning' board



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