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Friday, July 25, 2014

Preparing Your Postpartum Time

Even though our culture tries to breeze over it like it is nothing, the postpartum time is truly a sacred time in the lives of our babies, as well as in the lives of the new mother. Hormones rage through your body, your little one needs to adapt to a new... well... everything! You might feel frazzled or insecure, your partner and other kids need to adjust to this new creature in your midst.

The postpartum experience can be destabilising and tip over an otherwise healthy mom into PPD if she is not well surrounded. Better to avoid than to heal, you can plan for your postpartum time to be a happy time, a time of connection and recovery.

Learn about natural postpartum healing
Every mother's body needs to adjust to the change in hormones and the radical shift in your body. Luckily, you can assist your body with gentle, natural remedies.

Prepare the needed supplies in advance. You can order them online and have them delivered, but it will be useful to have them close instead of having to run around looking for herbs etc. 

Ensure Healthy Postpartum Food

Having a freezer full of lovely, nutritious meals, will ensure you and your family eat well and get those nutrient dense foods even when you're too tired or worn down to cook. Start cooking ahead of your delivery. Know that you can freeze soups and sauces for six month, meat or fish dishes for about 3 months. Get lovely in season products and cook them when you feel up to it during your pregnancy. 
If you want to make sure you stick to the deal, you can organise a mamaBake with friends. Ask around if your friends or family are bulk preparing, maybe you can get a batch too?

Look out for a post about post-partum freezer meal later this week.

During your pregnancy, look into home delivery services, anything that cuts down your shopping time and running around. Maybe you have a local brewer who does a weekly round with milk, juice and water. With the additional bonus of being in glass bottles - less toxic exposure!!
Can you get a weekly fruit and veg basket from a local farmer or food co-op?

Get Help

Try to find out who will be around to help you after the birth of your baby, and make clear arrangements ahead of time. Do you have a friend who can come babysit the older kids once a week? Maybe your mom wants to do your ironing? Maybe your inlaws can drop by and bring some food once a week?

Consider what you'll be comfortable with and talk it over before your baby is born. You will need help the first couple of weeks. Making sure you have all the help you can get will be a huge benefit. 

If you don't have someone to help you out regularly, look into hiring help. In the US, you can get a postpartum doula. If you're in the UK, you can hire someone specialised in postpartum care through an organisation such as Nursing Personnel . Most European countries offer some form of assistance with your local family care centre. 
These people can help you with your household, the care for your baby and yourself.

Prepare your postpartum wardrobe

Having soft, comfortable clothes, that also look good, will ensure a good mood during the postpartum time. If you will be breastfeeding, you'll need adapted clothes that enable you to nurse in all situations; without hassle. 

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