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Monday, July 21, 2014

Pregnancy and Birth Preparation - Third Time Around

Today, I wanted to share with you what I've been doing this pregnancy. I have to say, it's been quite a
lovely pregnancy overall. No huge emotional turmoil such as I had when I was pregnant with my son. I did have some nausea and was extremely tired the first few months, but other than that - and a couple of small discomforts - this one really is a breeze...

You might think there's little if any prep to do for a third pregnancy... Hey, I've been around the block twice, should know the deal, no?

Well... No. I think every pregnancy is different, and every one is an opportunity for growth. And so I take it with both hands.`

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Mental prep
I have been reading as much as I can. So far, these are the books I've read:

I'm also taking a private hypnobirthing course. I'm really enjoying it, as it forces us to take tame off and relax, which isn't always easy if you're homeschooling two other kids, so it's a fixed moment of relaxation. The kids have also been practicing the meditations with me and I really see the benefits. I must admit that I'm not as focused on it as I would like to be, but it's ok.

Excercise and posture
I've been doing prenatal yoga as much as possible (which is much less now that I've been single parenting for nearly three months). I'm using a UK DVD called "Penatal Yoga with Tara Lea" which I'm really enjoying. The full practice is both intense and relaxing and she pays specific attention to comman aches and pains (my sciactica thanks her!). I actually bought it before I was pregnant with my son. I didn't have a strong yoga practice by then and found it tedious, boring really, to start with such slow movements, but now I love the workout and it's really challenging - in a good.
I'm walking with the kids, daily.

I got myself a yoga ball to help with lower back and hip pain and a better posture and an orthopedic pillow to raise my legs when I'm on the sofa, which will hopefully help with my tired legs and varicose veins. Beats propping up with pillows by far!!

As far as nutrition goes, I try to eat plenty of fruit (and loving that it's berry season), I'm taking Salus Floradix Iron + Herbs and Nordic Naturals - DHA. When I got back from Liberia, I had my blood drawn, because I was feeling so sluggish and did have a lack in B vitamins and Vit D. Taking these supplements and getting some sun has replenished all this in about a month. (And I do feel much fitter).

I drink a prenatal infusion off and on (when I think about it). You can find my pregnancy infusion recipe here. 

As I mentioned, I'm following a private hypno course, which has been really fun because it allowed us to meet a like minded person, which is always a blessing. I'm also visiting my manual therapist/acupuncturist, who'm I've know as far as I can remember.
I'll be trying prenatal shiatsu next month.

But the thing I was pretty anxious about was 'medical' care. In that I want only the necessary and more mental support than modern medicine offers. You may remember that I pretty much failed at that in my last pregnancy, ended up with an unassisted pregnancy and even UC.
This time around, I wasn't sure? To UC or not?
Then I found this amazing midwife who's really in tune with us and who offers exactly the kind of care that I craved for.

Aftercare will be handled by a local midwife, I'm still scouting but this is a question for a little later on.

That's about it... I think I'm getting pretty good at this ;)



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