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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Behind the Silence

It's been REALLY quiet here... I think I've never gone this long without posting to this blog in the +4 years I've been writing here!
But obviously there are reasons, and I haven't really shared them with you because I couldn't... which also made me reluctant to write.

My husband has quit his job. We're moving back to Belgium. In fact, I have been in Belgium already for over a month and am not going back. We've been brooding over this decision for a long time. The constant moving and instability, the lack of your personal space, it was getting too much for me. It's partly what caused the two year depression I was in when I was pregnant with my son.

I didn't want this for this pregnancy. I didn't want to have to move a newborn to a different country at mere weeks. I didn't want to spend most of my pregnancy alone.

So we've done it.

I couldn't write about it beforehand because it was still kept secret at my husband's company and I know some of his colleagues read here. So I was in a funk about writing.
And I've been alone in Belgium with the kids for quite some time, so there really wasn't much writing time left.

Moreover, this pregnancy really has me question things... like this blog, and where I'm going with it. But I'll write more on the pregnancy later. Make sure to check back on Wednesday for pictures!!



  1. Very interesting. I'm glad you've made a decision that sounds like a good one for your health and peace. Will love to hear your thoughts on blogging, as I've also been asking myself a lot of similar questions lately!

  2. Much love to you. Maybe I'll come and visit you in Belgium. I so want to meet you again, it was both hard and wonderful the first time (for me at least) and I'm sure we could try again and ditch the hard and keep the wonderful. I'm thinking of you a lot <3


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