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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Swimming Pool Safety Tips For Parents

The kids are in your family pool, splashing and playing games, and as you sit and watch them, safety is on your mind. You know you’ve done a lot to keep the kids safe as they play in the water, but have you done everything you can? Here are some safety tips to make sure you check off the list:

Always be watching. You’re sitting out at the pool, so you think you can check that one off the list. But are you really watching? When you’re supervising the kids, it doesn’t mean sitting by the pool looking down at your cell phone texting. It doesn’t mean slipping inside to fix snacks for the kid’s lunch. You need to be really watching the kids. It doesn’t take long for a child to get in trouble in the water, so pool watch duty means vigilance. Here are some great articles with more details about pool safety:

In case of an accident. Have a first aid kit easily accessible, and in a specific location, so you know where to find it. Have emergency numbers listed on the wall next to the phone inside. It would really be prudent for both parents to have taken CPR, with their certifications current. The time you save before help could get there may be critical.

Limit access to the pool. Hopefully, you’ve already checked fencing off the list, and there is a fence around the entire pool. That fence should be at least 4 feet high, and have a gate with an alarm on it. Have you checked it recently? If the dogs have dug a hole under the fence where the kids could crawl in while you’re not there – that needs to be fixed. Does the alarm work properly, and is the gate latch in proper order. Does the house provide one side of the barrier to the pool? If so, does the back door have an audible alarm on it? What about windows – are there any which allow access to the pool? Do they also have alarms?

Equipment check. Does your pool pump have a safety vacuum release system on it? If a blockage is detected against a drain, like a small body or hair, this system is designed to shut off. Have you tested it lately? If not, take a towel, swim to the bottom and push the towel against the drain, to see if the system functions properly. Take a look at the toys the kids use in the pool – make sure there are no frayed edges which could cause a cut. Do a visual walk around of the pool area, to make sure there aren’t chipped or broken pool tiles that could cause an accident.

You mentally check things off your list, and feel good that you’re keeping your kids safe at the pool. As your son climbs out of the water, he walks very appropriately around to the diving board, and you smile, knowing your safety processes are working.

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