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Monday, April 28, 2014

Sound Slumber: Tips on a Better Night’s Sleep for your Toddler

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Sticking to a sleep routine can be a challenge with young kids but if you persevere, your child’s wellbeing (as well as yours) will gradually improve, resulting in a better night’s sleep for all. Follow these tips to get your toddler sleeping soundly.

Prepare them for sleep
If your child’s bedtime falls immediately after watching TV or participating in some other stimulating activity, it’s pretty unlikely that they are going to drift off simply by lying in bed. To ensure a fuss-free bedtime routine, you should make a few preparations at least an hour before their scheduled bedtime. This can include running them a warm (not hot) bath to help their body reach a comfortable temperature, reading to them and eliminating any TV watching. Over-stimulation before bed can initiate night terrors in children and this can lead to more permanent sleep issues in the future so be sure to prep your child for bed as routinely as possible.

Learn to decode their cries
When you’re constantly awoken around 3am by your child’s cries, it’s tempting and wholly understandable that you simply want the crying to stop as soon as possible so you can get some rest. However, learning to decode your child’s cries can actually prevent frequent night-time crying and promote longer patterns of unbroken sleep in the long-run. Crying after all is your child’s way of communicating something to you. Babies and young children never cry for no good reason, as much as we might think this from time to time.

Sometimes, your child will cry beyond common reasons such as hunger or tiredness and simply cry to vent their feelings as we do and let out a cry that they may have been held back earlier in the day. For example, if your child is stopped abruptly from crying throughout the day i.e. because you were in a public place, they will store these feelings until they can let them loose again, say, in the middle of the night.

It may seem difficult but in letting your child have a full, uninterrupted cry, they will be less likely to cry in short bursts throughout the day. A good cry gives children closure in the same way it does for adults. One of many things that can irritate a child’s sleeping pattern is an uncomfortable bed. A good size mattress and bed for your child’s size is essential during their formative years as they are developing at such a fast rate. The children’s bed specialists at Bedz R Us don’t compromise on comfort, providing quality bed designs that can guarantee your little one a sound night’s sleep.

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