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Monday, April 21, 2014

Natural Gifts for NewBorn Babies

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We all know that natural is better, but when it comes to new born babies, keeping things organic is
especially important. Babies have skin that is thinner and more delicate than ours, which means that it is highly sensitive to chemicals that are found in most preserved, non-organic products. They also need all the help and comfort they can get in adapting to their new environment. Whether it’s your own baby or for someone you know, here are a few gift ideas that can give the very best care.

Baby Bath Time
Babies seldom get very dirty (apart from in their nappies!) but giving them baths is more for relaxation and refreshment. Try getting pure ‘hydrosols’ that are water soluble extracts of healing and aromatic plants distilled by steam. Accompany them with an organic cotton wash cloth to apply the oils with. For moisturiser, always stick to pure ingredients like Calendula, Shea Butter or Coconut Oil that are universally healing and harmless for the skin.

Baby Bedding Bundles
If the family uses a crib, bedding can be a great idea for a gift. Babies can go through quite an amount of bedding! When it comes to bedding, stick to organic materials like cotton and bamboo that are less irritating on the skin. For a bedding bundle include blankets, throws, cushioning for the crib as well as any decorative crib toys and accessories. Stick to light and soft colours like the ones you can find at Lollipop Lane Limited and pick up some healing music to calm baby and soothe them to sleep.

Baby Changing
Changing the baby’s nappy will soon become a well-practiced routine. Even then, you never know what they will surprise you with. Help parents be prepared with organic nappies that are crystalline and AGM free as well as natural baby wipes that you can make yourself using paper towels and your own blend of hydrosol and a few drops of witch hazel.

Don’t Forget About Mum
Mothers can often feel left out on all the attention and love that baby gets when she should be getting essential care too for giving birth. Splash out on an all-natural, organic basket full for pampering goodies. All she needs to do now is take time out to enjoy it!

Give your baby or a baby you know, the very best start in life by giving them nature’s best. Don’t rely on the abundance of products too much but be sure to spend quality time massaging, playing, talking to and singing to your baby so that you surround them not only with nature, but your love too.



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