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Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Get an Active Child Interested in School

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We all love it when our children are healthy. And there’s no better way for them to be healthy than by running around, taking part in activities and playing sports. But let’s face it – sometimes our kids can be a little too interested in sports for their own good. And this is never more apparent than when their love of being active starts to get in the way of their schoolwork.

Active Children Usually Do Better in School
If you have an active child, the good news is that they’re already being set up for academic success. Physical activity and academic performance have been conclusively linked in a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine. But this only applies to kids who engage in ‘vigorous’ activity, rather than the ‘moderate’ activity encouraged by school mandated PE sessions.

Keeping Your Child Focussed
What usually compels an active child to be less interested in school work is that they have more energy to burn off than other kids. This may be natural, or it may be down to the great food you’ve been feeding them. Either way, it’s important that this energy gets burned off in a productive way before sitting down to work. If homework is an issue, make sure to enrol your active child in an after-school activity which they can take part in before studying. If concentration is a problem in school, it might help to provide them with certain tools to help them enjoy school a little more, such as sports-themed pencil cases and book bags.

Understand the Role of Food
You’re probably already feeding your kids a great diet, but you may not be aware that you can actually use food to help your kids do better in school. Before school it’s all about consuming slow burning energy, so wholemeal toast, fresh fruit and high-fibre cereal should all be encouraged. If your child’s school doesn’t provide healthy lunches, packing a lunch is absolutely essential. Children’s concentrations tend to slack off in the afternoon, so giving them good food at lunchtime will help them to concentrate better.

Make it Sports Themed
For some children, their passion for outdoor activities simply overwhelms their motivation for learning and study. So one of the best tricks to get them interested in school is to make their work sports-themed. If they have a maths problem which they’re struggling with, reword it so it has some relation to a sporting activity. If they’re falling behind on history, try relating a historical event to a strategic game such as football.

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  1. My boy is very active! I made the choice to home school him partly because of his active nature. Homeschooling gives me the ability to alternate physical activity and schoolwork, making his focus better and his energy has an outlet.

    1. Homeschooling can be great as a way to adapt learning to your child's temperament! Kudos to you. We also homeschool our two

  2. thanks for the tips! I have one rule for my boy is no sugary snacks or sugary foods in the evening, which causes the kid to have an easier time settling down. Best regards from Lisa


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