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Friday, April 25, 2014

Buying a Gift for your Child? Consider these Steps at the Checkout

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It may not seem as if much thought should go into buying your children gifts. They make you a long list prior to their birthday or Christmas and you pick one or two items up from the store (providing they are safe). Job done, right? Wrong. Certain toys can make your children bored and irritable and what’s worse - some choices can even drain their creativity.

Children will always be tempted by gifts they have seen advertised on TV or ones owned by their friends and peers but when all is said and done, kids appreciate toys that engage their attention on a long-term basis. Here are some top gift-buying tips to ensure your purchase becomes a much-loved favourite of your child’s instead of just another throw-away novelty.

Choose toys that encourage creativity over control
Popular toys on the market too often instruct and command kids with buttons and this leads them to quickly lose interest in a matter of weeks. Compromise by providing them with a toy or gift that has more longevity and creativity to ensure they get more use out of it.

Do not cave in to buying their ideal toys on their birthdays or at Christmas. Mix it up with a few surprises among their preferred gifts. Once the novelty of the desirable toy wears off, they will look to more ‘nourishing’ toys that can provide long-term enjoyment. Teaching them to appreciate and enjoy a regular activity such as drawing, reading or playing an instrument is the birth of a hobby and investing in more imaginative toys in their younger years will help promote a more active and gratifying lifestyle in later life.

Look for multiplayer toys
It’s a phrase commonly heard in motherhood - ‘that’s mine!’. Children become very attached to their toys and subsequently brand individual toys as theirs and fit for no-one else. Because of this, it’s essential to introduce them to multiplayer toys and gifts that encourage them to share similar fun and enjoyment with others. If you find yourself dealing with a stubborn child every time it comes to sharing toys, invite them to play in co-operative games such as board games that promote social interaction.

Go on past experience
If you’re truly stuck for extra gift ideas, ask yourself ‘What were my beloved toys as a child? The chances are that many of these toys are still popular with kid’s today (albeit in some new updated form). Some toys can have an unending and universal appeal such as sketchbooks, play dough and train sets since they allow children to create and make things happen beyond the confines of a dull button-bashing implement. If you fail to find toys similar to the ones that you enjoyed, ask around with friends and relatives for further inspiration.

Still stuck for gift ideas? Surprise them with something a touch more unique and unexpected. The online gadget shop Discovery Store houses all manner of pre-school toys and gifts as well as family games and puzzles so there’s no shortage of game ideas to feed their creativity.

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