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Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Review: The Colic Solution

Colic is still largely misunderstood, the symptoms are varied, the underlying causes still remain to be found. A heap of different discomforts in the infant are heaped together under the term colic and cures are sometimes contradictory.

Colic can be a terrible thing to go through with your newborn. He is unable to communicate to you, is clearly suffering, and you are at a loss.
In The Colic Solution, author Nicolette Roux investigates colic in an insightful, to the point eBook that gives you lots of information about Colic and an extensive approach to finding a solution that suits you and your baby.

Nicolette cites a great deal of quality resources, but also draws from personal experience, thus bringing together an extensive array of options to make this a really interesting book for all families with little ones having to go through this terrible ordeal.

The book is written both for formula fed babies as for breastfed infants.


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  •  What Not to Say – Tools for Talking with Young Children. Sarah MacLaughlin 
  •  The Natural Parent’s Guide to Babywearing. Lauren Wayne 
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