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Friday, March 21, 2014

Are You Green/Natural/Attached Enough?

I'm in a lot of groups on Facebook. I mean A LOT. They're my social world due to lack thereof IRL.
The greater part of these groups focus on parenting, the natural kind, sometimes the unschooling and informed kind... Kind of a big soup where I pick and choose the things I like and let go the things I don't.

I won't enter arguments with people who see things differently - unless I see that they're really looking for some solution. I have the same attitude in life (though I must admit I have adopted this through trial and error).

Some things pass by that make me think, research further, maybe even adopt. Some things pass by and I go 'not my style'. And that's it.

Yet every so often, someone will say something along the lines of: "well, I do breastfeed and use cloth nappies, but I use a stroller and I put my kid in daycare, do I still belong in this group?"

I find this so odd.

If you find community somewhere that suits you, even if you don't adopt the 'full monty', that doesn't make you less than. It's about choice (Preferably informed choice). Any self respecting attachment/green/natural community should respect that, and if they don't, heck, you're in the wrong spot and don't worry about leaving.

If you're worried about not doing everything right, let me tell you a secret: none of us are doing it ALL right, simply because there's more than one right, there are lots of good ways to live and parent. If your style makes your family happy, than by all means, continue!

If you're feeling attacked, then you probably are in the wrong spot. If you're happy about the place, but just don't follow everything, then by all means stay. You can learn from the others, but they can also learn from you.

Do not worry about fitting the mould, take the trouble to carve your own path.



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