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Monday, March 10, 2014

Amazing Offer - Only Valid Today!!

The Essential Parenting Collection by my affiliate partner Mindful Nurturing is holding a FLASH SALE! Be fast, because this sale is only valid

Entering the code MONDAY10 gives you 10% off this wonderful collection of 35 hand selected parenting eProducts. I went through each and every one of these resources and I can tell you, they are worth every penny and they'll give you lots of inspiration for your parenting. The total retail value of this collection is over $750, so at a little over $44 with this code, you know you're getting a good deal!

A little recap of what's available:

6 resources for pregnancy and birth:

  • From Maiden to Motherhood. Stephanie Brandt Cornais 
  • My newest eBook: The Postpartum Herbal Guide.  
  • The Business of Baby: What Doctors Don’t Tell You, What Corporations Try To Sell You, And How to Put Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Before Their Bottom Line. Jennifer Margulis (audiobook) 
  • Birth Relaxation Kit. Mavi Gupta and Jeremy Dyen (audio hypnosis set and booklet) - this kit alone is worth almost double of the full price of The Essential Parenting Collection. I used it during my last pregnancy and it's a valuable resource for relaxing and reframing.
  • Simply Natural Pregnancy. Megan Kimmelshue 
  • Stay at Home Yoga. (Three Month Premium Subscription) Jennifer Hoffman
If you're TTC or expecting, this kit really has EVERYTHING to start you off towards a natural, comfortable pregnancy and birth. I used many of these products during my last pregnancy and labour and can certainly vouch for them.

  • The Colic Solution. Nicolette Roux 
  • Twin Manibreasto: A Success Story of Milk and Multiples. Mercedes R. Donis 
  • Oxytocin Parenting – Womb through the Terrible Twos. Susan Kuchinskas and Bryan Post 
  • What Not to Say – Tools for Talking with Young Children. Sarah MacLaughlin - I personally think this is a book every person who interacts with kids should read.
  • The Natural Parent’s Guide to Babywearing. Lauren Wayne 
  • JUNO Magazine. (one year subscription)

6 Child Development Resources:

  • Reaching for the Moon, A Girl’s Guide to Her Cycles. Lucy H. Pearce 
  • How Children’s Emotions Work. Patty Wipfler 
  • Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers. Dr. Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté (audiobook) - I'm currently listening to this one and loving it! Expect my review soon
  • The Drama Years: Real Girls Talk About Surviving Middle School – Bullies, Brands, Body Image, and More. Haley Kilpatrick (audiobook) 
  • Gender Neutral Parenting. Raising Kids with the Freedom to be Themselves. Paige Lucas-Stannard
  • Why Does He Do That? A Parent’s Guide to ASD. Stella Waterhouse

  • Positive Parenting in Action. Rebecca Eanes and Laura Ling 
  • Setting Limits With Young Children. Patty Wipfler 
  • The ABCs of Conscious Parenting. Lori Petro (eBook plus audio download) 
  • Raising Mindful Kids. Yvonne Woloszanskyj 
  • Parenting Softly. Bryan Post A Survival Guide. 
  • Positive Parenting for Children with ASD. Stella Waterhouse 
  • Keep Your Cool – How to Stop Yelling, Spanking and Punishing: What to Do Instead. Flo Gascon
As positive parents, we can all use a little help now and again. These books go beyond the theory and offer you practical advice for day to day situation, ready to apply. A beautiful little collection for mindful parents. 

  • The Sane Parenting Challenge. Amy Phoenix (eCourse)
  • The Transgender Child (audiobook). Stephanie Brill & Rachel Pepper
  • Liberation Parenting Program. Teresa Graham Brett (eWorkbook and audio)
  • Calm Authority for Fathers. Marcy Axness (audio)
  • Embracing a Child-Centered Divorce: Because You Love Your Children. Rosalind Sedacca
  • 12 Steps to a More Natural Family Home. Emma Weatherall

Gentle Parenting Coloring Pages. Hugo Smits
Conscious Communication. Lori Petro
HighSelfEsteemKids. Dr. Joe Rubino (audio)
Mama is Having a Baby – A Journey to Tandem Breastfeeding (coloring book). Joni Rae Latham


Only for today for $44.97. Don't forget to enter your code MONDAY10



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