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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Twin Manibreasto Review

Over the years, and especially since I cofounded Mindful Nurturing, I've read more eBooks than I can remember. Aside from the content varying from great over mediocre to downright awful, the layout in eBooks deserves a chapter of its own.

Now there are many reasons why eBooks are often pretty ugly, which I won't go into for the sake of this review and it can be hard to use a pretty layout.

If anything, Twin Manibreasto has a stunning layout.

But aside from that merely superficial fact, the book is really well written. In fact, it reads like a good novel and draws you in right from the first page.

The Twin Manibreasto is an honest and personal account of breastfeeding twins with loads of practical lists, personal reviews, positioning advice. It is probably the most honest and down to earth how to guide for breastfeeding twins you'll ever find, and all this illustrated with lovely pictures of Mercedes and her twins.

I can certainly recommend this lovely eBook to any mom to be who is expecting twins. It will be an amazing resource and a source of hope and joy!


The Twin Manibreasto is part of the Essential Parenting Collection, offered by my affiliate partner, Mindful Nurturing. You can get this lovely eBook, paired with 34 other quality eProducts for only $49.97.

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