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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Saying YES to Life

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At the start of this year, I told you that my only resolutions for this year were to strive for more balance in my life and invite joy. I'm not normally one for New Year's Resolutions, but this one seemed big and important enough.

The amount joy we feel in our lives is something we can control completely. We are the creators of our own happiness. The glass half full thing...

It can be hard though, since we live in a culture that urges us to be unhappy, to want more and better, to look outside instead of within.

One of the things that works really well to cultivate joy is to say yes more often. Saying yes when you feel like saying no means stepping out of your comfort zone, and it is mostly outside of your comfort zone that you find joy.

So when my daughter asked me if we could have dinner as a picnic when dad got home, I said yes. And we had an amazing time

When my husband asked to spend Sunday at the Ecolodge ( a hotel here in Liberia), even though I felt tired and queezy, I said yes. And we ended up winning third place in a sand sculpture contest.

I finally did the tie dye I had bought dye for months ago. We had an incredibly awesome afternoon and I really look forward to doing this again some day.

When my daughter asked me to do some art with her, I said yes, even though I still had a heap of other things to do. It only took an hour or so, then she was attracted by other things, but she made the most beautiful colorful artwork.

Saying yes has proved beneficial every single time. Yet I still struggle with it. I find myself saying no to things I know I would enjoy because I dread the work it involves, because I'm tired or cranky...



  1. Great post, Laura. "Joy" is my word of the year, and I should definitely be saying yes to everything coming on my way! Thanks for this reminder!

  2. Hi. Thanks for this. It resonated with me. It's actually my resolve for this year. To say yes. And I plan to do so a lot. I especially plan to say yes to myself! As a married working mom of young kids that's often a real challenge :)

    1. That is so true!! We recently bought this book for my daughter about consent and it has a mo ask the child how often she has said no to herself by saying yes to others inauthentically. It is indeed something we as parents often do. Thanks for pointing my attention to this!


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