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Friday, February 7, 2014

Coming Shortly: The Essential Parenting Collection

I'm thrilled to announce the latest project I have been working on, this is MASSIVE!!!

Mindful Nurturing's Essential Parenting Collection harbours 35 eProducts on the topics of Pregnancy and Birth, Parenting the Early Years, Child Development and Resources for Parents. It includes coloring books, eCourses, eBooks, Audiobooks, Workshops, online yoga courses and more.

Response to this new take on the bundle concept has been massive and we've been able to get huge names to contribute, including Teresa Graham Brett, Brian Post, Jennifer Margulis, Gabor Maté, Gordon Neufeld, Lori Petro and many more.

Some of the titles in this collection will make your world shake: Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers, The Business of Baby, Birth Relaxation Kit, Gender Neutral Parenting... 

I have been soaking in these titles since I started collecting contributors and I've found myself grasping for air, making realisations about my family, my hard to parent daughter, getting a clearer view of where I want to be as a parent...  (more on this later) This collection truly has it all! (I'm allowed to boast, I put it all together, one must take some pride in one's work!)

The full collection will be available starting Monday February 10th for $49.97, a fraction of the over $740 total retail value.
Topical mini bundles will be available at $19.97 for those who're only looking for specific information.

Check out the full collection and set aside some dollars to buy on Monday!!



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