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Monday, February 24, 2014

5 Ways to Use Empty Egg Shells

I'm all about trash reduction and finding new uses for old things. Now, egg shells are something I thought everyone reused, apparently I'm quite mistaken. Here are 5 ways to reuse your empty egg shells, plenty of reasons never to toss them again:

  1. Keep your eggshells in a pot and grind them up when you have many, then toss them in your garden soil, to enrich the soil and deter insects (more info on Attainable Sustainable)
  2. Keep the shells and grind them up really finely. Feed them to your chickens. They will serve as a calcium supplement which in turn will make for stronger eggs and healthier chickens.
  3. Cook your empty egg shells for a couple of minutes in boiling water. Allow to cool, then grind them up really really fine and sprinkle on your food or in your smoothies to use as the cheapest calcium supplement there is. Boiling them before grinding makes sure all pathogens are dead.
  4. Use them as platers for sprouting seeds. Your kids can even draw little men on them and watch as the 'hair' grows.
  5. Use them in crafts. There are numerous crafts with eggshells, one idea is to smash the egg, and use the fractions as mosaic pieces, then paint them or colour them with markers, but if you google a little or browse pinterest, you're sure to find myriads of empty eggshell crafts. (or take some inspiration from the picture that accompanies this post, isn't that lovely?)
Will you be tossing those eggshells again? 

photo credit: Ines Seidel via photopin cc



  1. I compost my eggs or grind them and add them directly to my garden

  2. Love using them for sprouting seeds or spreading them in my potted indoor plants!


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