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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Homeschool Guilt

Now and again, I find myself grasping for air about this unschooling gig. Are they learning? Don't I leave them to their own devices too often? Should I do more? Should I get more resources?

This generally happens when I'm under a lot of stress with all of the projects I have going and I feel like I'm neglecting my kids. Or when my daughter pops in a second movie... Or when she spends more time on the iPad then I feel comfortable with.

Rationally, I know that she's certainly up to speed with her schooled peers, and I know that they are learning from just living. And of course even when I am busy, there are other people helping me with the kids, it's not like I really leave them to their own devices.
But still... the lack of framework and goals, the things I have been raised with, can be really scary.

In a future post I will write about how I deal with this guilt as to not drive myself crazy.
Do you homeschool or unschool your children? Is this a feeling that overcomes you?

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