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Monday, January 27, 2014

Natural Remedies - Active Correction of Fallen Arches (Flat Feet)

Ever since she was little, my daughter would hardly walk. She'd complain that her legs hurt, that she could walk no more. Obviously we haven't been going for long walks.

Thinking it was due to age, we waited it out. But as she grew, her complaints would continue. I figured it was something else and had it checked out by her pediatrist.

Verdict: fallen arches. Her suggestion was corrective soles.

Now since my daughter never wears shoes, and I'd always heard that no shoes was best for the development of the foot, I found it inconceivable to put her in shoes for eight hours a day. So I looked a little further and found out there are other, better ways to correct fallen arches.

Her case wasn't very sever, so we would be able to correct it with exercise.

See, those soles, they relieve the muscles and give a passive correction. After a while, the muscles get lazy and all the work is done by the soles. There is no remoddeling or actual correction. With exercise, you are making the feet stronger and are correcting the problem actively and permanently.

Exercise ideas

  • roll up a towel with your feet
  • pass a small object from one foot to another. If you join your child, pass it back and forth
  • clean up toys using only your feet (two birds, one stone ;))
  • try to see how far you can stretch your feet, how you can arch them, how you can spread your toes...
Doing these exercises regularly will prove a permanent remedy for fallen arches!

photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography via photopin cc


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