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Monday, January 6, 2014

Can You Heal Your Teeth?

A couple of months back, we discovered dark spots on my now 2 year old son's teeth. Oh, the horror... If anything makes you feel like you're a terrible parent, then it's cavities and bad oral hygiene. Yet, with our son, we've been so much more dedicated to teeth brushing then we were with our daughter when she was little.
After some despair and then some research and then more despair, we found out that he has a severe lip tie, which would be causing the damage to his front teeth (that and he has an ENORMOUS sweet tooth).

We consulted two paediatricians but they each told us to leave the teeth alone and that loosening a lip tie isn't done anymore. Back to square one.

The thought of having the little boy put under general anaesthesia to have his teeth taken care of really didn't sit well with me, so I did some more research and started incorporating natural ways of strengthening teeth: a spoonful of coconut oil a day, a spoon of Fermented cod liver oil/high vitamin butter oil, even more dedicated brushing.

To no avail!

A couple of weeks ago, my son broke off part of his tooth and we had to get 'something' done. We went to see a very sweet dentist who just cleaned and filled the tooth, no anaesthesia required and told us to just up the routine some more and not to worry.

For jokes, my daughter climbed on the dentist chair to have her teeth checked (she'd been for a routine checkup 8 months earlier and everything was perfect then, she had no complaints). Yet the dentist found 6 severe cavities!!!

Enter the mama guilt again.

We decided not to have them filled rightaway and try the natural way if she didn't develop any pain and if it didn't get worse. I am wondering if something has caused an imbalance in our diet as in less than a year both kids have developed cavities. It is true that we eat little to no fish here in Liberia, but we do get fresh veggies... It's all very overwhelming and there are times I just want to throw in the cap.

Luckily, my daughter has been really great in the teeth cleaning, oil pulling, flossing and so on department. She even takes the FCLO with very little protest.

So can you heal our teeth? I don't know right now. But we keep trying and I'll keep you informed. Meanwhile, here's lots of information on how to take charge of oral hygiene, naturally:

General information

Toxin Free Tips for a Healthier Smile (Sustainable Fitness Life)
Disinfect Your Toothbrush Naturally (Actual Organics)
How to look after your teeth and gums naturally (Actual Organics)
Teeth remineralisation routine (Save Her Teeth)
Healing Cavities Through Nutrition (Nourishing Treasures)

DIY Toothpaste

coconut oil and baking soda (Health Extremist)
clay and coconut oil (Real Food Outlaws)
DIY Clay Toothpaste Recipe (Cheeky Bums Blog)

Mouth Wash Recipes

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and a Natural Mouth Wash Recipe (Hybrid Rasta Mama)
Homemade natural antiseptic Mouthwash (Healing Cuisine by Elise)
Homemade Tooth Powder and Mouth Wash (They Call Me Oyster Girl)

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PS For those of you who think it's madness not to take care of their teeth rightaway, know that the fillings used do not come without risk, nor does the anaesthesia. I prefer taking a wait and see approach and am keeping a very close look on the progress of their teeth.

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  1. I've been hearing great thing about Earth Paste. If you look it up on Amazon you will find many reviews. My daughter has two cavities and I have no idea how it happened, so I totally understand your frustration.

    1. the clay toothpaste recipes linked in this post are very similar to earthpaste.


    You need to have bone broth's. The teeth need calcium and phosphate to re-mineralize. :)

    1. Yes, Ramiel's book is certainly a must read. We're also doing a fresh batch of bone broth every day. I do think I see a difference already in my daughter's teeth. For the baby, I think it's too early still to see a difference.

  3. Thanks for the post. We are on this journey as well. Been hardcore with the FCLO, Eco-dent toothpaste, no grain, no sugar, and lots of supplements, bone broths etc for two weeks. I haven't seen change yet, but I am hopeful. I wish it would be faster!!! It is hard to sit by...I want instant results and also feel I could throw in the towel. But I really don't want to put my 17 month old under. I did it to my, then 3, yrd old, now 5 year old who has a mouth full of metal - WHICH I also don't think is Healthy...and can potentially cause problems.

    Both my baby and I are on several standard process supplements - Eco-dent, califood, cataplex a-c-p, and one other one. Hoping to fill the gaps of what we don't eat - liver, fish etc.


  4. My son had a frenulum tie as a baby as well but his caused him much difficulty feeding from breast or bottle. My search was long and frustrating for a doctor who would acknowledge the problem and take care of it. I got half baked excuses like "he'll fall down one day and smack his mouth and it'll bust open" or "yep it's tight but it wouldn't cause the feeding problem; he's just a lazy feeder". Meanwhile, my baby was failing to thrive as I desperately looked for help. I found it in a pediatric dentist at a children's hospital. She agreed it was a problem and using a topical anesthetic, released the tissue with a laser. There was no bleeding or swelling and it took all of two minutes. He nursed immediately after and had a proper latch for the first time in his life. She said if we hadn't released it, it would have caused a gap between his front teeth and a speech difficulty in addition to the feeding problem. I don't know if your son's is as severe, but I thought I'd let you know of my experience anyway!

  5. Great post ~ I've read a lot about Nadine Artemis and her research about teeth and the natural way of taking care of them. She even wrote a book anf and has some youtube vid's about this subject you might like: look at She works with the all-natural way :-)


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