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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Motivating Teachers, a Key Point in Transforming the Education System

Even though we are an unschooling family, and I truly believe in what unschooling stands for, I know and accept that unschooling isn't the right fit for all families and that's a good thing. As families are all unique and diverse, so are the learning styles of our children. I think that having a collective schooling system can certainly be a good thing and is a great fit for a lot of kids and also a lot of families.

However, the way the system works is something that can really be shaken up, as we're still dealing with something that was created at the start of the industrial era and still very much functions in the way that it did then.

From where I stand a quick and easy way to turn the schooling system around would be to motivate teachers. No matter how you turn it, even with an exceptional curriculum and innovative school policy, a teacher who's just clocking his or her hours won't make that spark that children so need.
If we want our children to be in school for 5 or 8 hours a day, then they should at least be guided by passionate individuals, not just people doing a job because the vacation days are sweet.

When I was in school, I would excel at courses where I liked the teacher. A good teacher can make a dull subject matter sparkl

But how do we create that spark in teachers that lights the candle in students, in our kids?
One way is to give the teachers the tools to achieve their goals and transform their teaching. Programs like Tap System work with teachers and administrators to help them reach the student.

Innovative teaching solutions do not only entertain the student, they also keep the teacher awake. Having to teach the same dull curriculum over and over again does not.
We live in a era where change is the only constant, yet our schooling system refuses to move ahead. Only small changes are made, like the integration of tablets or introduction of the internet in the classroom... These are just drops. Real change is needed, a real transformation to spark the interest in the students, cater to the modern society and prepare kids for the real world IN the real world.
Maybe one day we can get a school system that recognises the perversive effect of tests, scores and grades and just focusses on learning and growth instead.

What would you change about today's school system?


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  1. As both a teacher, and as a parent of a child in our local Mexican school system, I appreciate articles like this one. As a teacher, I sometimes am frustrated with the mandates of the school board regarding grading and exams and must remind myself that my purpose in teaching is to inspire learning, not force feeding it to my students. As a parent, I sometimes am frustrated with the actions of my son's teachers and must remind myself that our purpose in sending him to a local school was and continues to be giving him an opportunity to learn cultural and life skills useful for this area, things that we could not teach him at home. When my son comes to me and complains about the poor quality of his education, I remind him that we can learn from everyone and every incident if we keep our minds open, even if it it is learning how not to be.


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