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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Flower Essences for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

Hi everyone!!

Flower essence is a type of vibrational medicine, as is crystal elixirs and homeopathy. Each flower has their own vibrational healing gift and frequency, and the energy is imprinted into water so we can use and benefit from it. They have been used for thousands of years, but were reintroduced and became more popular when Bach Rescue Remedy was made.

Laura of Authentic Parenting has kindly asked me specifically discuss remedies that are helpful for pregnancy, birth and children.

There are literally hundreds of combinations, as I make an essence specifically for you, but I'll give some general examples below.

Flower essences for pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy can raise a lot if new issues, such as fear of coping with the birth, and then parenthood.
  • "Dog Rose" is one essence that can be added to a combination to help with general fear and anxiety, whereas "Illawarra Flame Tree" is for fear of responsibility. 
  • "Fringed Violet" can be taken when people tell you their horror stories (don't you just love that?!), to help dismiss their negative energy.
  • "Crowea" can be taken to help with worry and morning sickness.
  • We all know how tiring those last few weeks of pregnancy can be, too. There are a few different remedies that can be taken as an energy boost, such as "Macrocarpa," "Banksia Robur" and "Old Man Banksia."

For the actual labour and birth, there are different essences for each stages of labour, and to suit your needs, such as energy, fear, impatience, stamina, pain, calm, shock, healing and detox.

Flower essences for your new baby

Of course, there are many essences to help baby. There is "Bottlebrush" to help with the mother/child bond; "Bush Iris" for mastitis; "Boab" for a new beginning without having to carry genetic conditions for baby; a blend for nappy rash; another blend for teething; the list is endless!!

And we all know about childhood illnesses; allergies, autism, colds. I can also help to boost the immune system.

For a sensitive child, who may suffer separation anxiety, "Monga Waratah" can help with dependence and "Bauhinia" to help your child accept change; and "Five Corners" to raise self esteem.

About the author:
My name is Vanessa, from Peace, Love and Wellness, and I'm a flower essence practitioner. I use stock from the Australian Bush Flower Essences, which has 69 different types of essences. I make custom blends to suit YOU! I can help with physical, emotional, spiritual and mental issues, such as headaches, fertility, nightmares, teething babies, sleep, anxiety, confidence, colic, addictions, fear and much much more!
I hope you've enjoyed hearing a bit about flower essences! If you'd like to know more, please see our website and facebook page 

Our essences are 100% safe and natural, and are suitable for newborns to elderly with no medical interactions.

I'm also raising money for Animals Australia, so 30% any purchases made until Christmas will go directly to them!!


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  1. I m pregnant with twind n have a high risk pregnancy, I m on bedrest since last 12 weeks n have reached 23 weeks today. I also have a history of previous loss at 22 weeks without any reason. I m really anxious n nervous all the time. First it was because I was scared for my babies but now I m more scared of bedrest, I feel like my time is not passing. I try to focus of different activities for passing my time but really can't as m constantly thinking about time. I can't sleep well at night n m worried about babies n really impatient to reach till term with 23 weeks more to go. I was surfing the net n came read it blog here..m really in need of something that can cure me right now. I know everything will be fine once I have my babies in my hands.


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