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Friday, December 20, 2013

DIY Snowy Slopes Seasonal Greeting Card Tutorial

Here's what you will need to finish these lovely greeting (or menu) cards:
  1. cardstock in the color you like, I used dark grey and green
  2. scissors
  3. glue stick
  4. different types of green paper for the trees (I used some plain greens and some scrapbooking paper with dots and stars from Ikea)
  5. white paper (for the snowy slopes)
  6. Medallions - mine came from Ikea, but you can easily cut them out yourself

Cut out zigzags from the green papers, these will be the trees, and more organic shapes from white paper to make the slopes

Put glue on the back of your cardboard medallions

Stick the slopes and trees right side down on the medallion, alternating as you feel. I used more trees than slopes, alternating the different coloured papers

When you have filled the whole back of the cardwith slopes and trees, ass some more glue to the whole back of the medallion (carefully so you don't detach all of your layers), and then stick it to your prefolded card.

Voila, your lovely seasonal card is ready, onto the next one!

 If you end up making some of these, come show off your results in our group "Focus on Authentic Parenting" on Facebook


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