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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent Activity

Written by Iyas

Chocolate’s good. But do you really need to give your kids 24 days of it leading up to Christmas? Advent Calendars have a lot of over-stimulated kids to answer for. Well, at Freaky Rivet, we have the perfect compliment to this - an online advent calendar for kids to burn off that excessive energy and creativity!
24 Activities. 24 Days. The Freaky Rivet Advent Activity Challenge.

It’s a simple concept. We post up an activity behind one of our images every day. Your kids open it up. They do the activity. They upload a photo or video of them doing it. And the gift? They will earn one month’s membership of Freaky Rivet for 1 penny for each activity they upload. Four activities? They’ll get 4 months for 4 pennies.
What kinds of activities? They range from physical, to artsy, to astronomy, to wordplay, to unapologetic games and most things in between. We’re aiming at 7 to 12 year-olds, but have had kids as young as 3 and as surly as 18 trying them out and having fun.
They’ll need very little if any help from you, and most things they’ll be using will probably just be lying around your house. Created by teachers and parents, they’re a great way for your kids to have fun doing something productive up to and into the holiday season.
So if they do all 24, they’ll be smarter, faster, stronger, wiser and better looking for sure. Probably also better behaved, wittier, and more attractive to other kids. More to the point, though, they’ll also have spent nearly 4 weeks doing fun, creative and constructive activities.
Most of all, they’ll be able to get 2 years of membership to join our global community of kids who want to move, create and explore for only 24p. Membership is usually £4 a month (still a steal at that price), so they’ll save £47.74!
We give them a few more days until January the 6th (just before they go back to school) to catch up on any they didn’t do. Then we’ll email you, tell you how many months they’re entitled to, and give you the choice as to whether to have them join.
If you want to join this free challenge, register on our Advent Activities Challenge site and you’ll get details by email.

The activities remain open until January sixth and passed activities are still accessible if you join now!



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