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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Art of Strewing

Strewing is a term used in unschooling as something parents can do to stimulate learning in their homes.
I became familiar with the term a long time ago when we started venturing on this path. But I never fully got the vast potential of strewing, until fairly recently.

Strewing is enriching your child's environment with a variety of things that have the potential to spike his or her interest. 

In successful strewing, it is important that the parent does not harbour expectations about the child's learning experiences. An item strewed can spark an interest, or can go unnoticed.

Now 'things' can be a vary varied concept when it comes to strewing. For a long time, I was thinking that it applied only to objects and crafts supplies and the like, but strewing, in my opinion, goes way beyond that. It involves all the senses, it involves places, it involves people... basically anything that makes you step out of your comfort zone.
A vegetable in the market you don't know, a long lost friend, a different road back home. Stepping out of the ordinary and comfortable is how you introduce your children to new things, and that's how their world opens.
If you are feeding an appetite for exploration and curiosity, your child will pick up on this.


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  1. I think that as an adult it is even more challenging to step outside of our comfort zones and to be the leader in this for our children is even more difficult! As a parent wanting to nurture the love of learning in my children, I realize that I first need to break through the self-imposed limitations of my own upbringing in order to teach in this way. I suppose one would have to embrace that scary/thrilling feeling of the unknown right?!


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