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Friday, November 1, 2013

If I Could Have Just One Room

I'm jumping on a writing prompt I saw at Dreaming Aloud, because it really inspired me and it is something I think about now and again. If I could have just one room that would be mine, what would it be like?
It would be my creative space, because creating is sorta sacred to me, it's my peace and stress release. It's something I need very much to remain sane.
If it were my room alone, it would always be mess free, clean and organised, because that how I like things and that's NOT how we live (my family sees it different from me so I've adapted my standards).

It would certainly have some huge mandala art on it's walls, like this:
lorrainetolmie on Etsy

It would probably look unconventional, colourful, eclectic. I'd want to incorporate some of the treasures we've gathered on our travels.

It would also be a place where I could relax and meditate.

I like color changing lights (I've installed some in my bathroom already, and they're such a pleasure to have), these would be awesome:
ellipsisfish on Etsy
Knowing myself, most of the items there would have been thrifted and refurbished, because I just can't buy off the rack. There's just no fun to it.

There would certainly be tea!

And there would be reading... oh, to read a book without taking three years!

Would you come and visit?



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