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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Freaky Rivet Goose

written by Iyas

So far, the activities we’ve given you here at Laura’s blog have mainly been kind of artsy. We had our kids creating constellations, blatting their street chalk masterpieces and drawing portraits about a million times faster than Michaelangelo.
Well, enough art for a while. We’re going to have them improve their verbal creativity in the guise of a gratuitously wet game. As it’s a group game, it’s great for playdates, or parties, or if you’ve managed singlehandely to procreate a tribe. If you’re very house proud, you might want to suggest it to another mom when she has your critter over - water pistols are involved, so you might want her to deal with soggy rugs instead of you!
Here's the score.

The goal of the game is to get ‘it’ to laugh by taking turns to ask him or her questions. This is how you play.
  1. Find an fill a water gun, squeezy bottle, or anything that has a good squirt on it.
  2. Someone has to be 'it' first. Birthday boy or girl, youngest, oldest, whatever - you make up a reason to choose someone.
  3. Choose a word that is just plain silly. Goose. Toes. Fluff. Find anything that can be vaguely giggleworthy.
  4. Have everyone sit around ‘it’ in a circle.
  5. 'It' closes their eyes, spins around on the spot 3 times, and squirts. Whoever 'it' gets goes first.
  6. Starting with this person and then going round the circle clockwise, everyone takes turns to ask ‘it’ a question. 'It' has to reply with the chosen silly word without laughing.
  7. The question should be something designed to make 'it' laugh when s/he replies. F'rinstance - ‘What do you have eleven of?’; ‘Toes’. ‘What do you take out of your nose every morning?’; ‘Toes’. ‘What’s your favourite thing to eat with chips?’; ‘Toes’. You get the gist.
  8. If 'it' laughs, 'it' has to commit water suicide and squirt water at him or herself. The person who made 'it' laugh gets to be the next 'it', and we start all over again.
  9. If ‘it’ doesn't laugh, 'it' gets to squirt the person who asked the question, and then the next person to the left asks ‘it’ another question.
  10. If 'it' doesn't laugh for two whole rounds, then a new word gets chosen and we start again.
That's it. Simple. Warning - have towels to hand!


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