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Monday, November 18, 2013

6 Game Apps That Are Fun for the Whole Family

We've had an Ipad for a couple of years now, and I wanted to share some of our favourites, as I sometimes find t hard to get good games if you're just browsing the shops. I'll write a post later about educational games too.
All of these games are free!

My daughter's new favorite game is Dumb Ways to Die. Based on a sensitizing campaign from the
Australian Metro, the goal here is simply not to die. While some of the graphics are a little bloody, they're all very colorful and cartoonesk. While being fun and entertaining, this game does teach kids about the dangers of certain actions.

Race Penguin is one of the earliest games we put on our Ipad. Move a little penguin over the slopes and hills of different settings and try not to be eaten by a bear. Catching fish will make you jump higher. This game requires a distinct sense of timing and good hand-eye coordination, so I was surprised that at age 3, my daughter was able to do it.

In Temple Run, you have to evade obstacles and stay ahead of killer monkeys. Try collecting the rings for in game bonuses. How far can you run? This is something we love to play 'against' each other as a family, taking turns playing. A variation is Pyramid Run, if your child is more into killer mummies.

Jump from platform to platform and get as high as you possibly can :p in DoodleJump, there's different game options with specific difficulties in each one. Quite the tricky game that works with tilting the device. This is another game we play against each other as a family, taking turns.

Eat as many brains as possible without falling of the cliff or getting overrun by cars, that's the goal of Zombie Tsunami. Obviously, anything that involves zombies is a score in my family, but this game is particularly fun to play.

Subway Surf was a family favourite for a while. Evade the police while jumping over trains and collect as many rings as possible.

Hey, but none of these games are education oriented!
No, they aren't. Not all games have to have a clear educational goal. They can be just entertaining and even then, your child will be learning something. All of these games train reflexes, coordination, fine motor skills and timing. Anyhow, it's ok to just play without having to wonder what's the educational value.

What's your favourite game right now? Share it in the comments below!

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  1. We don't have an iPad right now. Occassionally grandma let's us borrow her's and we always have a great time playing Fruit Ninja!


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